30 Hours and a Day That Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity


They say presentation is everything, but sometimes there is more to a scene than just the superficial. You see a man wearing ethnic garb, a woman wearing flattering clothing, a person wearing religiously identifying vestments. You pass them by and don’t even think what they had gone through since the moment they stepped out on the street and crossed your path. You consider the world an innocuous place; non-threatening. These are a few videos that will hopefully make you ruminate a bit more on how people are treated on a daily basis because of gender, belief and nationality.

10 hours of walking in New York as a woman

According to The Washington Post, the first video was created by Rob Bliss, the owner of a viral video marketing agency, and features a 24-year-old actress walking for ten hours in the streets of New York. She is dressed casually with a crew neck T-shirt (not a low-cut one), dark-colored jeans, and sneakers. The video shows the ceaseless harassment the woman was subjected to during her walk in the city. Although some are more threatening than others, they all constitute harassment. See for yourself and try to put yourself in a woman’s shoes if you were subjected to this type of barrage on a daily basis.

10 hours of walking as a woman with a hijab

So, this video follows similar format, with the difference that it’s split into two sections: five hours in street-clothes and five hours in a burka and hijab. The reactions are in stark contrast to each other. The creator and participants of the video, though, do not conclude with a message or explanation post-experiment. So, I will leave the judgment to you, fair reader.

10 Hours walking in Paris as a Jew

This is probably the worst of the bunch; if you were feeling wishy-washy about the previous entries, this one will definitely get you reeling. The gentleman in the video wears a kippah, the traditional Jewish headpiece, and ventures out into (surprisingly racist) Paris streets. The video follows him as he is spat on, insulted, mocked and demeaned. Thankfully, the journalist, Zvika Klein, wasn’t physically injured. However, the emotional violence displayed is very shocking.

Four women wear a hijab

Four women from BuzzFeed don a hijab (or headscarf) for a day, and share their experiences in the video above. The women initially approach the hijab as a symbol of oppression and a negative regime. When the day concludes, their prospective is thankfully changed.

I would also like to add the unfortunate event that happened in a small French town just a few days ago. In a Jewish cemetery, hundreds of tombs were desecrated, broken and some even opened, in a reprehensively hateful act. The enactors of this odious crime were five local teens. I want to hope that one day events of this nature will supersede to acceptance. At the moment, we have a long road to traverse.