30 Useful Gifts for Business Travellers

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With so many businesses operating across borders, it’s only logical that many professionals will spend a great deal of their time travelling from one side of the world to the other or even cross-country.

But when an unexpected hiccup occurs, like an unforeseen layover or a delayed flight because of bad weather, they’re often unequipped to deal with any major issues.

So, why not help them out and gift them something that will make their journey a little more comfortable and a lot more enjoyable?

Whether you’re looking for a birthday, Christmas or leaving gift (or just because), you’ll be sure to find something on this list for the business traveller in your life!



1. MATEIN Business Travel Backpack

MATEIN Business Travel Backpack

A heavy shoulder bag can do some serious damage to your shoulder and back. So, why not help relieve some tension with this handy business backpack? It also includes a separate laptop compartment and a built-in USB cable.

From $35.99 | Buy now on


2. ROMOSS Multi-Output Power Bank

ROMOSS Multi-Output Power Bank

Getting stranded in an airport with no phone or tablet battery is the definition of a nightmare. Make sure your pal is fully prepared for any situation with this multi-output power bank!

$31.99 | Buy now on


3. Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Flights packed with screaming children, noisy teens and your chatterbox seat neighbour are never enjoyable. Help someone block out the noise with these high-quality noise-cancelling headphones!

$348 | Buy now on


4. POP Design Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

POP Design Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

Being trapped in an aeroplane for hours on end can make us dehydrated. With this reusable stainless-steel bottle, you can keep your favourite drink hot or cold for up to 12 hours and your whole journey.

From $13.50 | Buy now on


5. LANBRELLA Windproof Compact Umbrella

LANBRELLA Windproof Compact Umbrella

It’s hard to predict what the weather will be like (even if you check the most reliable weather app around), which is why travellers should be prepared for a storm. This compact umbrella is perfect to slip into anyone’s bag and ensures there’s minimum dripping involved with the reverse style.

From $19.99 | Buy now on


6. BEEKAQ Universal Power Adaptor

BEEKAQ Universal Power Adaptor

Does your business traveller friend visit different destinations on their journey? If so, they’ll need to be equipped with this universal power adaptor. There’s nothing worse than realising that you’ve taken the wrong adaptor when you arrive at your accommodation.

$19.99 | Buy now on


7. Dot & Dot Reusable Travel Bottles

Dot & Dot Reusable Travel Bottles

Taking all your toiletries in your cabin bag can be a real struggle. Help your friend successfully pass security with these TSA-friendly reusable travel bottles, ensuring that their hair stays in check with their favourite conditioner throughout their flight.

$18.97 | Buy now on


8. Qtimal Portable Vitamin Pill Case

Qtimal Portable Vitamin Pill Case

Travelling on a plane or train can expose you to a lot of germs. Remind your friends to take their immune system-boosting vitamins with this portable pill case.

$7.99 | Buy now on


9. BAGAIL Mesh Laundry Travel Bag Set

BAGAIL Mesh Laundry Travel Bag Set

With such busy schedules, frequent travellers need a way of separating their clean clothes from their dirty ones. This laundry bag set is a great way of keeping colours or items separate and ready to go straight into the wash once they get home.

From $5.99 | Buy now on


10. MISSLO Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags

MISSLO Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags

Most business travellers only have a small baggage allowance. These nylon shoe bags will ensure that their shoes are compact and separate from the rest of their belongings.

$10.49 | Buy now on



11. Hairizone Heat Resistant Hair Straightener Case

Hairizone Heat Resistant Hair Straightener Case

Anyone travelling with hair straighteners will know the struggle of waiting for them to cool down before being able to pack them away. Save your friend the hassle and gift them this practical heat resistant case.

$12.99 | Buy now on


12. Contigo Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel Mug

Contigo Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel Mug

If the business traveller you’re buying for is a coffee or tea lover, this stainless steel mug can be just up their alley! It’ll ensure that their morning drink is just right, and the travel mug can be used while on-the-go, too!

$21.60 | Buy now on


13. ODESSA Hanging Toiletry Bag

ODESSA Hanging Toiletry Bag

This handy hanging toiletry bag is ideal for your recipient’s bathroom essentials. With the separate organiser sections, they won’t even need to unpack as everything is easy to get to.

$12.99 | Buy now on


14. PowerLix Unisex Compression Socks

PowerLix Unisex Compression Socks

Help your colleague avoid stiff and swollen feet when travelling for overseas business with these somewhat stylish compression socks. The best part is that they won’t end up being the laughing stock of the plane!

From $16.97 | Buy now on


15. Iristide Travel Tie Case

Iristide Travel Tie Case

Crinkle-free ties are essential for any work trip. Make sure your gift recipient travels in style with this handy tie and cufflink case.

$12.99 | Buy now on


16. Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet and Documents Organiser

Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet and Documents Organiser

Foraging around for passports and boarding tickets can be stressful and embarrassing. Save your business traveller the hassle by purchasing this useful travel gift.

$15.99 | Buy now on


17. Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

If you’re looking for a pricey travel gift, look no further than these unique sleepbuds that are ideal for the light sleepers out there. The comfortable earplugs link to a Bose app and project soft soundtracks to ensure the user gets a good night's sleep.

$249 | Buy now on


18. Hauptstadtkoffer Hard-Side Hand Luggage Spinner Trolley

Hauptstadtkoffer Hard-Side Hand Luggage Spinner Trolley

The best item for any regular traveller to have is a sturdy hard-side trolley, and this cabin luggage case is ideal for frequent flyers. With organised sections, a TSA-friendly lock and a separate compartment for a laptop or tablet, your gift recipient can pack light while ensuring they have everything they need.

$99.99 | Buy now on


19. BLUBOON Overnight Carry-On Tote Duffel

BLUBOON Overnight Carry-On Tote Duffel

This multi-purpose carry-on tote is perfect for any occasion. It can fit enough items for a few nights away or attach to a cabin bag for long-haul trips so that you can remain bag-free while dragging your trolley along.

$34.99 | Buy now on


20. Herschel Amenity Kit

Herschel Amenity Kit

The Herschel amenity kit has all the essential travel accessories in one, making for the best gift idea for a frequent traveller. The kit comes with a comfy pair of slippers, an inflatable neck pillow, an eye mask and a pair of earplugs that all fit into a neat string-bag.

$29.99 | Buy now on



21. Travelambo Synthetic Leather Luggage Tags

Travelambo Synthetic Leather Luggage Tags

What’s a great and stylish way to make anyone’s luggage stand out?

A Travelambo leather tag is the answer!

These unique tags come in different colours to ensure travellers can easily identify their cases.

$7.99 | Buy now on


22. MaxGear Business Card Holder

MaxGear Business Card Holder


Swapping business cards is a common thing on any work trip. Ensure your gift recipient is fully equipped with this sleek business card holder, plus why not personalise it with their engraved initials?

$7.99 | Buy now on


23. PopSockets Grip

PopSockets Grip

This small but nifty office gadget is ideal for travellers. All you need to do is pop the socket out and rest your phone on the table in front of you to watch something on your device. It also prevents you from dropping your phone when reading an important email or document.

$9.81 | Buy now on


24. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Time spent in transit can be used wisely with the Amazon Kindle, making a fitting gift for any business traveller. Now waterproof, its light and flush-front design allows you to read in any weather, and it is even compatible with bath-time reading!

$149.99 | Buy now on


25. Lingito Clear Travel Toiletry Bag

Lingito Clear Travel Toiletry Bag

Separating your liquids into a clear plastic bag at the airport security desk is always a drag. But it doesn’t have to be such a struggle if you use this TSA-approved toiletry bag, making it the ideal gift for any frequent flyer.

$12.29 | Buy now on


26. Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

Trying to find an iron can be exhausting work when you’re abroad. Help your gift recipient save time (and drama) by purchasing this compact travel steam iron.

$29.99 | Buy now on


27. TREZORO Ionic Potable Folding Hair Dryer

TREZORO Ionic Potable Folding Hair Dryer

Washing your hair abroad can be a real struggle, especially if you’ve got curly locks. However, this compact folding hair dryer (which comes with an attachable defuser) can save your business traveller friend from looking like Monica from Friends during her visit to the Bahamas.

$35.99 | Buy now on


28. TULA Probiotic Skincare Anti-Aging Discovery Kit

TULA Probiotic Skincare Anti-Aging Discovery Kit

Treat your favourite globetrotter to this hydrating skincare kit. They can revitalise and refresh their skin, giving it the nutrients it needs after a long plane journey.

$52 | Buy now on


29. ReturnMe Smart Luggage ID Tags

ReturnMe Smart Luggage ID Tags

Save your business traveller from losing their bags by using the ReturnMe luggage tags which can locate where their bags are at all times. And the best part? The ReturnMe agents will help to ship your friend’s luggage to their exact location.

From $9.99 | Buy now on


30. Flight Flap Phone and Tablet Holder

Flight Flap Phone and Tablet Holder

Save a traveller from a crooked neck with this handy gadget! The Flight Flap phone and table holder does exactly what it says on the box and allows you to watch your favourite TV show on your phone or tablet device – without leaving you with a numb hand from holding it for hours on end!

$9.99 | Buy now on



Which business traveller gift is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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