30 Ways to Lose an Argument

Check out this useful infographic from The Visual Communication Guy about the different ways we sabotage ourselves when trying to get our point across. If you want to get better at persuading others to accept your proposals and ideas, it’s important to understand what you’re getting wrong in the first place. According to the infographic, there are at least 30 “logical fallacies” that stand in the way of winning our arguments, and the infographic summarises each of them, with helpful examples, too.

Reason and Fact

Do you lose your arguments because of an over-reliance on anecdotes to support your claims? Do you often resort to tradition or cultural beliefs in your attempt to sway the other person to your point of view? Or are you prone to confusing correlation with confusion? As the infographic suggests, if you base your arguments on anything other than reason or fact you’ll struggle to gain acceptance for your point of view.

Some of the other ways in which we lose arguments include the following:

  • Attacking a person’s character
  • Appealing to a person’s ignorance
  • Using the wrong premise
  • Employing fear or threats
  • Using sentiment rather than fact or reason

Have a look at the infographic to discover all the various ways in which arguments can be lost, so you never lose an argument again!

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