4 Assumptions That Hinder Your Progress in the Workplace

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Assumptions make people do stupid things. They lead you to wrong decisions and prevent you from pursuing rewarding opportunities. In your career, assumptions limit your growth and stop you from exploiting your full potential. They divert your focus to limitations instead of opportunities. Making calculated decisions is important, and you need information before you can make a move; however, sitting back and watching things changing in the workplace; hinders professional progress. Here are common assumptions people make in the workplace that hamper their progress.

“Focusing On the Pay Makes You Greedy”

Unless you are an heir to a multi-billion entity, your pay plays an important role in your career decisions. It provides for you and your family, and enables you to prepare for your retirement. Do not feel guilty when asking for a pay rise or seeking opportunities that offer better compensation. Every time you consider a career change, look at your current salary and focus on employers who are willing to give you a pay raise. Assuming that focusing on the pay makes you greedy may stop you from taking home the paycheck you deserve.

“Quitting is Wrong”

It is okay to quit, especially when you feel something is wrong. Sometimes you invest your time and energy into something and then realize that you are heading in the wrong direction, but you are afraid to stop lest people call you a quitter. If you believe you made the wrong decision, put your hands down, admit your mistake and get back to the drawing board. You may get reprimanded by your bosses but at least you know that you are now in a better position to do the right thing. Quitting allows you to gain a new perspective on your career and realign your plan with your long-term goals. It also gives you the courage to pursue what you believe is right.

“Busy Equals Productivity”

Some people believe that they increase productivity in their jobs by being busy all the time. However, this is far from the truth. Sometimes you may spend too much time doing a task, and you forget to stop and evaluate your progress. You also deny your body a chance to rest, slowing down your progress. Focus on adding value to your time. Approach each task with a plan and evaluate your progress regularly. Take a break to refresh your mind and gather new ideas for the task.

“If I Pursue My Dream, Am Risking Too Much”

If you are always unhappy in the workplace and no longer derive satisfaction from your work, you should evaluate your position and determine whether you are in the right career. If you feel a career move is the right thing, take the risk and pursue your dreams. It may not pay in the beginning but with persistence, you will enjoy the benefits. Additionally, it is more rewarding, professionally and personally, to do a job you love.

Do not make assumptions in your workplace. Get the facts right and pursue your professional potential to the fullest. You only have one life, and it is up to you to make the most of it.




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