4 Benefits Only Sales Representatives Have

If Willy Loman taught us anything, it’s that being a salesman is a tough racket to be in. 

The life of a salesman can be very difficult and stressful. In order to be successful as a sales representative, there have to be a wide variety of positive factors in your favor, including strong economic conditions, an upbeat customer and the day’s work ethic must be strong. Persistence is the name of the game for any salesperson. 

Although many people will often scoff at the notion of working as a salesman, there are many advantages and benefits for these sales professionals; some of them are monetary, while others are independent elements. At the same time, not everyone can be a salesman as it takes an outgoing individual to work in this business. 

Indeed, the economy is pretty weak and consumers are cash-strapped, which can certainly contribute to the lack of sales that a sales representative may have. Nevertheless, it requires perseverance to overcome these obstacles. 

Whether you are considering entering into this highly competitive area or you are a down-on-your-luck sales professional seeking reassurance that this is a great business to be in, here are four benefits to acknowledge that only sales representatives have. 

1. Opportunities for Huge Sales 

Depending upon what company you work for, a significant number of salespersons work strictly on commission, while the rest of the sales force earns a salary plus commission. In any case, there are opportunities for those sales representatives to earn big revenues once the sale has closed. Although it can be quite stressful to close a sale – just ask Gil on The Simpsons – once it has been, there will certainly be a bigger number on that paycheck. 

2. Independence 

As a considerable chunk of the workforce is confined to the shackles of cubicles and toxic offices, salesmen are able to leave the corporate environment and travel across the city, state/province or country. Sales representatives get to see new sights, new people and new environments. It invokes quite a bit of independence for salesmen and keeps up with their morale. 

3. Minimal Management Time

At first, a rookie salesman will have to be micromanaged by his superiors. He will have to shadow seasoned professionals, test out an array of tricks, jokes and monologues and understand the product he’s selling. After that, however, if you’re good, you will avoid the constant hassles of management and just do one daily task: sell. In other words: less management time. 

4. Long-Term Employment 

If you’re good at what you do and you’re keeping the company afloat with your consistent sales numbers, then there is no real good reason to let you go. A sales representative that continues to churn out big numbers on the sales sheet each week, month, quarter and year will be employed for as long as they generate those sales. Of course, a sales professional will have to decide sooner or later if they want to move up in the company or continue hitting the pavement and selling. 

Being a sales representative takes more than knocking on a few doors, ringing doorbells and cracking a few smiles; it takes dedication, a strong work ethic and a jovial personality. Today’s industry of salespeople has garnered a bad reputation, but it is still a steady business to work in, because there will always be a job market for sales, whether it’s an hourly wage or commission-based. 

Remember: never say "gee" in an elevator when you’re a salesman! 

Photo by zenjazzygeek via Flickr




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