4 Career Options For Ex-teachers

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There’s a Latin saying: By learning you will teach, and by teaching you will understand, but what about when you just can’t do it anymore? What happens when you’ve had it up to here with an ever-increasing workload that just keeps building? It can be daunting for a teacher who doesn’t have any other skills that they think are marketable, but fear not - as the path of teaching can lead to many other professions.

Many teachers are afraid of leaving the job security and students, and many teachers are highly capable but unsure how to best use their skills in any other career than teaching. I’ve outlined a few options here in the hopes that it helps you to make the transition from a once -rewarding profession to something that you love again. It must be said that teachers have very versatile skills and experience that puts them in a great position to get a new job. They are knowledgeable about learning and development, and they are often very empathetic and have great time management skills. This is in addition to being highly creative and great at problem solving. So, take a look at how to best invest your skill set for your next career.

1. Education Liaison

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If you still love teaching but not looking for a student-facing role anymore, perhaps you could consider taking on a behind the scenes role in the recruitment and training of new teachers for organisations. Or, you could become a school or education partnership manager and organise teaching placements. Other roles for you could include working in a liaison role between schools, higher education and employers giving advice on training courses, apprenticeships and vocational training.

2. Carer

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Many teachers love the person-to-person interaction but find the workload of being a teacher too tiring. Perhaps you could consider upskilling in aged care (take a look here for a list of aged care courses) and working with people in nursing homes or in their homes. Many teachers find that they still crave the development and caring side of their teaching work, and working as a carer can be an immensely rewarding way to keep this up.

3. Museum Education

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If you’re an ex-teacher, and you’re still looking for a way to stay in touch with a fun learning environment, working in a museum can be a great option. Former teachers are excellent at creating fun ways to learn, and museums often have interactive exhibits that provide kids with a great way to learn about history, art or the world. You might even be able to work with a school groups sector within a museum to coordinate school trips or visits to a museum for a particular exhibit. Of course, a job like this is going to be in high demand, but if you don’t try you don’t get - so why not give it a go?

4. Work For an Education Supplier

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Many companies have schools as major clients. This can include educational software, IT companies, curriculum suppliers and training course providers. As a teacher, you can offer a valuable insight into how teachers operate and how to best target schools. You could work as an account manager, in the marketing department, or even in the development of new products, services or curriculum materials. You might need to upskill with some new skills at a TAFE course or something like that, but it will pay off in the long run.

Good luck with the transition from teacher to new employee - and remember that you can always go back to teaching if the urge to return strikes you, and you can even take your new skills with you when you go back!

Have you ever made the transition from being a teacher to another career? What was it like? Your thoughts and comments below...