4 Facts That Prove Being The Offspring of a Rich Celebrity is Not as Easy as it Seems

While most people have to work hard or come up with something special to make their names known globally, there are people who are known the minute they are conceived. In most cases, these happen to be the children who are born to rich and famous celebrity parents. Don’t however think that the good-life and the myriad opportunities which come with the internationally respected family names guarantee these kid aristocrats’ perpetual happiness, since numerous facts demonstrate that being the off-spring of a rich celebrity isn’t as easy as it may generally appear. While many of these kids don’t even get to go to a proper school, they need to deal with other issues as well.

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1. Increased Erratic Behavior

Psychologists note that kids who experience poverty in the first five years of their lives are usually likely to end up with malicious behavioral patterns in adulthood. This is because low income is associated with social and emotional problems such as protracted stress. Rich kids are nonetheless today experiencing these difficulties as well despite their elevated socio-economic status. As a result, they are increasingly getting involved in crime-related activities such as substance abuse, abortion, cheating and stealing – bringing in a new twist to the notion that money makes life cozier and easier.

2. World Stage Embarrassment

Will Smith and Son

Many know of what it feels like to be embarrassed by a father in the presence of a handful of guests at the dinner table or in the course of a party attended by a number of selectively invited friends. Rich celebrities’ kids nevertheless handle these embarrassments on a grander scale nearly throughout their lives. Sixteen-year old Brooklyn Beckham was, for instance, recently embarrassed when his father - soccer star David Beckham –told the world how he chaperoned Brooklyn and his girlfriend on their first date. Beckham also narrated how he once Twitted photos of his humiliated son after declining to park round the corner while dropping Brooklyn off at school. Brooklyn himself had made that request as he doesn’t like being seen with his father in public.

3. Maintaining the Family Name

High profile movie roles are today highly competitive. Top musicians and sportsmen have to keep their talents in shape to survive the competition. Therefore, besides working hard, celebrities constantly push their children to work even harder to maintain family name and status. Not all rich celebrities’ children are however usually prepared to handle the pressure. Some consequently end up committing suicide as it was the case with Adam Klugman - daughter to the renowned actor Jack Kalugman.

4. High Level Scrutiny

It’s nearly impossible to have a normal life as a rich celebrity’s son or daughter because the paparazzi are always somewhere in the crowd watching every move you make. Ben Affleck  for instance, speaks on behalf of his three children and those of a myriad rich and famous celebrities when he says that he has had enough. Even under normal “teenage-like circumstances”, rich kids are required to be on their best of behavior at all the times when in public. You can’t for instance experiment with things such as alcohol or cigarettes on a fun-day-out with your peers as a daughter or a son unless you want a picture of yourself drowning booze all over the internet within minutes.

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In conclusion, no blessing is without a curse. Being the offspring of a rich celebrity isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems to be.




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