4 Fears that Will Hinder Your Music Career

Though many people dream of having a career in the music industry, very few actually pursue their dreams and succeed. However, in many cases, this is not due to lack of money, lack of opportunities or lack of connections. The main reason why people fail is FEAR!

Here are some of the common fears which will kill your music career:

Fear of failing

Many musicians kill their chances of success in a music career by fearing that:

  • They don’t have any qualifications in music
  • They are too old to succeed
  • They don’t have enough talent to succeed in the industry
  • They don’t live in a location which is musically vibrant
  • Their music genre is not well-liked in their area
  • There aren’t many other talented artists to collaborate with
  • If they fail, they will prove their naysayers right

If you think you cannot succeed in a musical career due to some of the reasons above, then you will always have something to blame when things don’t work out. However, if you believe success is possible despite the obstacles, you will find a way of reaching your goals. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

Fear of being broke

‘All musicians are struggling artists’. ‘Musicians never make good money’. ‘Hold on to your day job as you pursue your musical career’. These are some of the statements you are likely to hear from family and friends when you announce your intentions of starting a music career. Though such things are said with good intentions, they are not entirely true.

Due to the fear of financial struggle, many people settle for a career in an unrelated field while trying to pursue music on the side. In many cases, this ends up killing their music careers. You need to realize that the assumption that all musicians are bound to face financial struggle is not true. With talent, proper preparation and marketing, it is very possible to make a decent full time income in the music industry.

Fear of being exploited by promoters or record companies

Every so often, stories emerge of musicians who claim that they were not paid by a promoter or tricked into signing an unfair contract by a record company. Such stories cause many talented people to shun the thought of pursuing a musical career. However, though there are some unscrupulous music industry executives out there, it does not mean that all of them are out to rip you off. There are many record companies and promoters who are genuinely willing to invest their money, time and other resources to build the careers of talented individuals. Take time to do your research to understand how the music industry really works.

Fear of success

While the fear of failure is common with people who are just starting out in their music careers, the fear of success is experienced by more established artists. Such musicians worry about how other people will see them, lifestyle changes that will come with success, or whether they will be able to sustain their success. This fear causes many musicians to sabotage their success in different ways such as turning down opportunities to sign a major recording deal or go on tour. Don’t allow the fear of success to hold you back from pursuing a musical career. With proper planning and guidance, you will be able to handle all the changes that come with success.

These are just some of the fears that hold people back from pursuing a career in music. Consider the beliefs or mindsets that have hindered you and take action to change them. 


Image: Flickr, Petras Gagilas




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