4 Great Ideas for Involving Fans in Your Music Career

Fans are a crucial element for the success of any musical career. Every musician needs to find a way of growing a loyal following of their brand and music. Here are some ideas for getting your fans involved in your music career:

1. Request their feedback for a song

Asking for feedback is one of the best ways of getting your fans involved in your music career. For instance, you could ask them what they thought of your last gig or which artist they would want you to collaborate with. You can go further to ask fans for their feedback on a yet-to-be-released song. All you need to do is select a small sample of your fans and allow them to listen to the song. After they have listened, ask them to share their thoughts. Be sure to act on at least one of the comments which will be shared. For instance, if someone suggests you change a line, do so if you think it is a good idea. Once the song is released, let people know that it was written with the help of a fan.

2. Ask them to submit their photos for your album cover

Fans will simply love this idea. All you need to do is ask them to send photos of themselves, and then select the best ones to appear on the cover of your upcoming single or album. Your fans will be thrilled by the opportunity to see themselves or someone they know on the cover. They are likely to share the photo widely in social media, thus increasing your followers. In addition, fans whose photos appear on your cover are likely to buy your physical CD as a souvenir and to show it off to their friends.

Make sure the photos on your cover are large enough so that your fans can actually recognize themselves. In addition, you need to keep your design uncluttered and neat.

3. Mention them in songs

People feel special when they hear their names mentioned, especially by someone who they admire. Therefore, it would mean a lot for your fans when they hear their names in your songs. You can do this in two ways. First, you could write one song that mentions as many fans as possible. Get in touch with your fans and find out who would want to hear their name in a song. Ask the ones who are interested to share a few more details about themselves, and then use this information to write your song. When the song is released, most of the people mentioned are likely to buy it. Alternatively, you could write a personalized song for an individual fan, and then send it to them.    

4. Have meet-and-greets

Besides meeting your fans on social media, it would also be advisable to have occasional meet-and-greet. When you travel to different areas, invite your fans for a gathering where you can sit down and talk. This gives you the opportunity to interact with them on a deeper level and get their feedback on your music career. In addition, you can sell autographed copies of your single or album. Most of your fans will be thrilled just to shake your hand and take photos with you.

These are just some of the ways you can involve fans in your music career. Keep experimenting with new ideas which will grow your following.




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