4 Interview Questions Job Seekers Always Flub

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If you’re interested in reading this article, then you must have gone on, at least, one interview recently. Well, it’s quite likely that you screwed up, at least, one question, if not more. It doesn’t matter if you practiced for hours or days; interview nerves and tricky questions can catch you by surprise. There are also times where you think what you’re saying is what the HR team wants to hear but, in reality, is completely wrong.

Unfortunately, screwing up your answers during an interview shows a lack of preparation or simply that you’re unfit for the job role. Either way, there’s just one result: your opportunity is forever lost.

Here’s a look at four common interview questions potential candidates often mess up.

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1. What Do You Know About Us?

Usually, this question is one of the first to be asked during an interview. If the interviewee was prepared enough, it shouldn’t be as hard to give an answer that would impress all hiring managers.

You need to show them that you have done your research and are familiar with their mission statement and their accomplishments in order to show them just how much you’re interested in the job – but make sure you don’t come across as a stalker.

Answers to Avoid

  • “You offer a good salary”
  • “Nothing” – why did you even bother going to the interview in the first place?

2. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and, again, if you find the time to prepare for it, it shouldn’t be very hard to give a complete and right answer.

Admitting that you have weaknesses is not a bad thing – after all, we all have at least once. The important thing is to realize what your weakness is and whether you’re working towards limiting that flaw and minimizing its impact on your professional career.

Answers to Avoid

  • “I don’t have any weaknesses”
  • “I have so many, I can’t just pick one”

3. Why Should We Hire You?

This question can easily become your make or break point. It’s one of your biggest opportunities to make your sales pitch – show them what the company would gain if they hired you, not what you will personally gain from them giving you the job.

What you need to do is here is persuade the employer into offering you this job. Highlight your value and knowledge by combining those two together and show how much of a good fit you are for the job in question.

Answers to Avoid

  • “I don’t know” – if you don’t, then who does?
  • “I’m desperate and need a job”

4. Tell Me About Yourself

This isn’t the time to confess all your biggest sins or greatest ambitions. It is, however, an opportunity for you to talk about your skills and experience, and how these are perfect for the job’s requirements. If you say nothing, it basically means that you haven’t prepared enough, so why would they hire you?

What the employer is really trying to find out here is whether you are a good fit for the company and for this specific job. So, there is no need to give away personal information about you. Talk about your achievements and ambitions; show them that they are in perfect alignment with the job.

Answers to Avoid

  • “I can’t say much” – what are you? A spy?
  • “My real passion lies in music. I want to become a successful musician, but I don’t have an agent now, so I need this job until I get one”.

What was the most difficult question you ever had to answer? And how did you go about it? Let us know in the comments section below!