4 Jobs With The Worst Employees

Every job has its good and its bad because the workplace is basically a miniature version of the real world. There are certain professions though that tend to attract the riff-raff a bit more readily than others. Sure we could look at boring statistics and graphs, but I think it would be easier to look at some real world examples to try and decide which job has the worst employees, don’t you think?

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1. Taco Bell

Working in the food industry can be grueling. Customers are finicky, the hours are long and the work demands many hours on your feet. It’s not completely thankless, though, as you can put a bit of your own creative spin on the food. This is exactly what a certain taco bell employee did when he created his own special sauce…well his bladder created it…and he distributed it onto a plate of nachos…yes he urinated on a person’s food. Unluckily for him, hackers got ahold of the pictures and traced it back to the urinary chef Cameron Jankowski of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Strangely enough, Jankowski was sacked. No doubt so he could further explore the potential of combining fast food cuisine with bodily fluids.

2. Salad Man

Generally, hamburger serving fast-food restaurants aren’t known for their choice of vegetables. Judging from this situation, I’d say it’s for a good reason. This creative individual thought containers of lettuce intended as toppings for the burgers would make excellent footwear. He was so proud of his creative use of cuisine that he even shared the photos on social media. This, of course, resulted in his swift termination.

3. Chick-Fil-A

The Chick-Fil-A franchise is no stranger to controversy. For example, when Dan T. Cathy, the company’s CEO openly opposed same-sex marriage. Granted the media blowback this incident received was considerably milder than what the CEO got, it’s still just as insensitive. Apparently a cashier at the store thought it would be funny to be racially offensive to a couple of customers by writing Ching and Chong on their receipt…wow…what is this the seventies. The company apologized promptly and even more promptly fired the offensive cashier.

4. Chili with a Bite

As a server, you have to deal with all kinds of people. Most of the customers that visit your eating establishment will be courteous, jovial and pleasant. But some will be courteous, jovial, pleasant and cheap as hell. A waitress at the food chain Chili’s got stiffed on a tip and thought it would be nice to air her grievances on Facebook. The Facebook update promised to physically harm and spit in the food of the offending customers on their next visit.The company found the status update and quickly updated their employment roster, which did not include the over-sharing server.

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