4 Jobs You Can Do In Your Pajamas

Are you tired of waking up three hours earlier than your job starts so you have enough time to drive there? Have you ever wished you could have a more flexible schedule and work hours? Does rolling out of bed, stretching your arms and going to your computer sound good to you?

Well, the distance from your bed to your laptop could be your entire commute. There are many jobs that only require an internet connection, a laptop and a cell phone, and you already have all of those, right? Yes, working in your pajamas all day can become a reality. We have created a list of four careers that have this flexibility:

1. Web Designer

web designer

If you are a creative person, you can become a web designer and enjoy a stay at home job. There are so many companies offering their services online and this is where you come in; you can design the website they need to advertise and sell their goods. Of course, web designing is not an easy job to do, it requires knowledge of graphic design, coding basics and web development, but once you get the hang of it then you are set to go.

2. Customer Service Representative (CSR)


Even though Customer Service Representatives are required to work full-time, there are plenty of companies that let their employees work from home. Also, if a company has specific peak seasons or months, they may have to hire freelancers to help them with their workload without having to alter their office space. You only need a laptop, a phone, internet connection and maybe a fax machine (even though it’s a bit out-dated now). Oh, and you also need to talk non-stop for hours, handle difficult clients and solve stupid issues.

3. Content Writer

Do you have a passion for writing and correct spelling and grammar (your friends may call you a grammar nazi, too)? Then you can easily make some serious money by being a content writer. Many websites if not all - are hiring freelancers to write articles for them as well as edit and proofread content for the site. If you have a talent for blogging, you can make money on your own without waiting for someone to hire you. If you know how to market yourself, and your blogging skills are impeccable, you can attract advertisers and make money while working in your pajamas.

4. White Hat Hacker


No, we don’t mean a black hat hacker with bad intentions like the people who hacked Ashley Madison. We are talking about ethical hackers - people who ethically use their hacking skills to make legal money. These hackers can be hired by the government or big corporations to test their digital security measures. If you have some serious hacking skills and know a lot about internet security, then a career in ethical hacking could be for you.

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Can you think of any other jobs you can do while in your pajamas? Let us know in the comments section below.