4 Lines Your Boss Should Never Cross

Hey there sexy, you’re looking especially bangable today! That is something that no one in the history of employment wants to hear from their boss…Actually most people would want to hear that from their boss, have a recording of it and sue the pants off of that pervy bastard. Joking aside though there are some lines set in the sand that your boss should never cross. Assessment of your bangability is just one.


1. Too Personal

Unfortunately, this is a twofer (as in a two for one) if your boss shares too much of your personal information that they have access to, or if they share too much of their personal information with you. Sure it’s nice to have a friendly relationship with a supervisor, but knowing what drives them crazy about their partner or spouse and why his mother never loved him can be a bit much. You’re there to spend eight unproductive hours to get paid at the end of the month; you don’t want to know why his wife won’t agree to his kinks…oh on that note.

2. The Cringe

Unless you are also a fellow perv, any verbal exchange with your boss of a sexual nature should elicit a cringe. Anything with sexual references, bathroom jokes or commenting on the secondary sexual characteristics of a co-worker are definitely out of bounds. I mean sure you can talk about those things with colleagues, but it’s like talking about those things with your dad when your boss says them. And that is just plain creepy.

3. Financial

Anything pertaining to bonus, salaries and raises should be kept between you, your accountant and your boss. If the boss likes to blurt out people’s net worth (or gross I mean it’s not like we’re going to get hung up on the details), then you need to inform him that is a breach of privacy. It would be impolite to talk about salaries and financial compensations in civilized company and those rules hold true in less civilized company; as in the company you work for.

4. Public Shame

Remember the infamous Cersei scene from the previous season of Game of Thrones? So, after extensively searching I was unable to find an uncensored version of Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame, but in a nutshell she’s stripped down to her skinny dipping suit (yes she nekkid) and is then paraded through the city while a nun walks behind her ringing a bell. Here’s a ten-hour loop of the audio, if you have deep seeded issues of inadequacy or get off on that type of thing.

First off if your boss rips your clothes off and parades you around the office, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. In a more typical scenario, if your boss has the tendency to publicly berate you, then you need to put a stop to it. Talk to them (the boss) directly or if that doesn’t work call the enforcers in HR.

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Are there any other things bosses do that cross the line? Let us know in the comment section below.