4 Mentalities That Are Career Killers

A recent survey by LinkedIn reviewed over 10,000 job changers in order to find out the reasons behind their job change. It showed that more than 53% of them changed their job for better career opportunities. However, not every professional will succeed the way these job changers did as they, unfortunately, possess a career-killing mentality.

Meanwhile, more than 80% of professionals are dissatisfied with their jobs and, more specifically, their career success. Even if you have one of the following mentalities to a small extent, it can greatly hurt your ability to progress as a professional.

The sooner you recognize the mentality that’s killing your career, the sooner you can act towards eliminating it.

1. Over-Thinking Everything

This individual over-thinks every single career decision and always finds obstacles and flaws in everything. They spend hours, days, and even years trying to find out what to do next in their career. However, the clock is ticking and they sometimes don’t have time to waste, because they could end up stuck at their dead-end jobs. But if they don’t develop any new skills or grow as a professional, what is the company going to do with them? They will soon find themselves part of a “company restructuring” and will eventually have to start looking for a new job.

2. Being Single-Minded

This person is so convinced with what he wants that he has no desire whatsoever to even think about any other options for his career. Believing that he has the best plan, he works non-stop to reach his goals often to the point of exhaustion. He is so stubborn with his ideas that it results in being passed over for promotions or even getting fired for failing to work well with others.

3. All Talk But No Action

This individual loves to talk about her career without ever really taking any action. Everyone thinks she has it all figured out with her ideas and her confidence convincing them that she will be a huge success. However, this never happens and, as time passes, you’ll notice that she’s still there, stuck in her old position with no career growth whatsoever. In the end, no one believes her and people just avoid having business talks or any interactions with her.

4. Relying on Fate

This person believes that fate will guide him or her in their career journey. All they do is wait for opportunities to just magically appear right in front of them, and that’s how they believe their career journey should develop. Sometimes, people find themselves hopping from one career to another without developing any particular skills or specialties. Even though they say that they’re enjoying the journey, they eventually find themselves without many options and no money left for their retirement.

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