4 Most Guarded Secrets of Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is the most recognisable brand in the world. Almost 130 years have flown by since its creation and people are still able to distinguish the Coca-Cola logo from any other similar product. Not only that, but consumers also seem to prefer it over other soft drinks that have been introduced to the market over the years and failed to compete with the power of this popular beverage.

Ever since 1886, Coca-Cola itself has influenced our society in so many ways and has been incorporated in many aspects of our everyday lives. But what made the product such a huge success?

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If you are wondering why this soft drink became so popular, the answer lies behind the secrets that are associated with it and the famous secret formula of its creation! So, here are some of the most guarded secrets of Coca-Cola:

1. The addiction

Why are we addicted to Coca-Cola? Is it the caffeine, is it cocaine? In case you didn’t know, Coca-Cola originated as a form of alcoholic drink which pharmacists – and Coca-Cola inventor, John Pemberton, called ‘French Wine Coca’. Amongst the ingredients is said to have been a euphoria-inducing mixture of cocaine and alcohol that was called cocaethylene. When a later version of the drink followed, Pemberton replaced this ingredient with sugar syrup and made Coca-Cola the ideal temperance drink.

2. The controversy over ‘Coca-Cola’

In the early days there was great dispute over the actual name of the product Coca-Cola since it made it clear to the public what the two main ingredients of the drink were. In order to shale off any possible allegations, the Coca-Cola company had to state that the name which Frank Robinson came up with was nothing more than ‘meaningless but, fanciful’ in an attempt to make it more marketable. On that note, Pemberton made it clear that his drink was in fact a ‘brain tonic’ that calmed nerves and cured headaches.

3. The secret ingredients

The secret formula of Coca-Cola is fiercely protected, so much so that only two people who work at the company know the exact ingredients that make up this unique soft drink. While this is a disappointment to many, it’s not at all surprising that one of the world’s most profitable companies wouldn’t give away the formula of success so easily.

The only official written copy of the formula is said to be stored in a US bank vault in Atlanta. In order to keep it safe, the company gave the bank almost 50 million shares of stock and introduced some bizarre policies to keep everyone away, such as:

  • The two people who know about the formula aren’t allowed to fly on the same plane.
  • No one can read the formula without the presence of God and Jesus.

4. The marketing strategy

A huge part of Coca-Cola’s success lies in the effectiveness of the marketing plan. The goal was to create a universal target market and promote that product on a global level. This was achieved through focusing on 3 aspects:

Acceptability – introducing the product into consumers’ everyday lives and making it their no.1 choice.

Affordability - Coca-Cola keeps the price range low and it’s worth the money.

Availability - ensuring the product is available wherever consumers may need it.

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Every one of these secrets made Coca-Cola such an immense success! Do you know of any other information associated with the Coca-Cola secret formula? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below…