4 People You Need to Make Friends With at Work

The workplace is not always an easy place to navigate; there is always way too much stress and drama. Most workplaces are like high schools without the algebra books. There’s always that one colleague who hates your guts and there are always colleagues in a beef that force you to take sides even if you don’t particularly like either of them or care why they are fighting.

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But just like high-school, the only way to get ahead in the workplace is to make friends with the right people. Even if all you want to do at work is focus on your job, you first need to make friends with the right people to make your life easier.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of the 4 types of people you need to become friends with at work to get ahead.

1. The Receptionist

Becoming friends with the receptionist is like becoming friends with Filch at Hogwarts. Can you imagine how much trouble this would have saved Harry, Ron and Hermione? Just like Filch, the receptionist knows everything that goes on in the office, and everything includes major clients that the boss is trying to sign on, who the boss is happy or unhappy with and whether the boss wants to promote someone etc.

Becoming the receptionist’s friend will get you all this information and much more. Find out what kind of desert the receptionist likes and let the bonding begin.

2. The IT Guy

For some reason that I am yet to discover, there’s always something wrong with our computers. One day it’s the mouse that’s not working properly, the next day the screen has decided to act funny, whatever the case is you know that what the company should invest in an IT guy for each computer. Having your private IT guy would really help you cut corners and get ahead with your work, but alas, your boss is unlikely to invest in this idea anytime soon, so how about making the company’s IT guy your private IT guy? Become their friend and you’ll never have to trouble over a loose cable again.

To win them over, try to find a common interest. You never know, you might have the same favourite superhero, and if you don’t even the debate can be a great bonding exercise. The most important thing is to have meaningful conversations.

3. The Gossip

There’s a gossip in every office. They are the ones that seem to know everything there is to know about everyone in the office. The office gossip can be dangerous if you don’t keep them close so make sure to get friendly with them before they start digging around in your life. This can help you control what information gets out and will help make your work life easier.

Another reason to befriend the gossip is the fact that you’ll be hearing all the gossip first hand. For example, if your supervisor is about to quit, the gossip will know, and you can use this to your advantage by applying for the position before anyone else has the chance to. 

4. The Boss

Sure it might feel weird to become friends with your boss, but the rewards you’ll be reaping from this relationship will help you sleep better at night. Befriending the boss means more job security because who would fire their friend? It can also mean more responsibilities and opportunities to advance in the company as they will trust you more.

Winning your boss over may be difficult as they will probably be too busy to chit-chat with you but that’s not to say you shouldn’t try complimenting their outfit and asking about their children on a daily basis. It may take some time, but it will certainly be worth it when your boss starts trusting you more than anyone in the office.

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Making the right friends at work can mean the difference between being a low-level employee on the sidelines and being a senior executive. Play your cards right and you will be boosting your career in no time.

What other people is it essential to befriend in the workplace? Share your opinions in the comment section below.