4 Pitfalls to Avoid when Starting a Career as a Personal Trainer

No matter what career you have, you will make mistakes as you are only human. Personal trainers, from unproven rookies to seasoned veterans, make them on a daily basis. You could be the proud owner of a chiseled six-pack, have the backing of years of experience, and knowledge verified by a PhD qualification. However, you’re never safe from slip-ups, and if you don’t maintain focus on your work, you’ll never keep your clients happy. To ensure you don’t end up in this camp, avoid the following 4 pitfalls.

#1 Skipping Client Health Assessments

This one is right at the top of the list for a reason – your client’s health should be your main concern, regardless of whether they’re looking to shed a few pounds or craft that gorgeous bikini body. Even if your client is young and has no obvious health issues, you still need to insist on conducting a rigorous assessment.

Skipping client health assessments will come back to bite you, there’s no question about that. Always double check that your clients can handle your proposed workouts, that they have no hidden health issues, and that you’re covered against potential complaints down the line.

#2 Forgetting the Importance of Nutrition

Clients can spend their lives in the gym, but if they don’t adapt their eating habits they’ll never get results. If you put them through their paces with grueling HIIT routines and weight exercises, it’s not going to help if the client goes home to munch on pizza and tortilla chips.

Diet and exercise go hand in hand and it’s important that you make an effort to ingrain that message into every single one of your clients. Otherwise, all that hard work at the gym will be for nothing. Not only that, but you may end up getting a bunch of angry clients wondering why all of that investment is just not paying off.

#3 Offering Generalised Solutions

You have your own personal workout routine that you consider ‘perfect’. It’s been tweaked to perfection and has given you excellent results time and time again. But that doesn’t guarantee it’s a one-size-fits-all solution. Clients need personalised routines, not a generalised plan.

Every individual has a distinct body type, level of ability, and physical capabilities. Running for 45 minutes may be easy as pie for some, but others would consider it akin to completing a marathon. Also consider that not everyone wants to sculpt the perfect body. Some may just be looking to keep relatively healthy, while others may be training for a specific sport. Cater to the individual need each and every time you conjure up a workout plan.

#4 Not Being Client Focused

Your job as a personal trainer is to serve your clients first and foremost. It’s not about getting more clients through the door, ensuring you look good in a tight t-shirt, or sticking to your own methods no matter what anyone says. Remember, clients are paying you to serve them, not the other way around.

When your client asks for a certain type of exercise, listen to the reasoning behind it. If they seem unhappy with what you’ve chosen for them, be willing to tweak as necessary. Keep a watchful eye over how your client’s body responds to the exercise – if it seems like it’s too much, come up with a lighter programme.

In short, keep your focus on the client at all times. Consider their aims, health, and personal requirements. Keep this in mind throughout your career as a personal trainer and you’ll do just fine.


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