4 Reasons a Break from the Internet is Good

The Internet has become a tool that supplements life and has changed how tasks are carried out in the workplace. However, it reduces your self-reliance and capacity for creative thinking. It can make you waste a lot of time checking emails or getting distracted on websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. For this and the reasons highlighted below, you should consider having healthy breaks from the Internet:

Reduces Novelty Addiction

When the brain becomes too used to the constant stimulation of electronic multitasking, then you develop a phenomenon known as popcorn brain or novelty addiction. It reduces your ability to concentrate on slower, more engaging exercises, which greatly affects your attention span. To avoid an occurrence of this, you should set specific times for Internet use so that you don’t go over the limit and forget to carry out other activities. Small breaks from the Internet during work can be taken by reading a book, completing a crossword or going for a short walk within the office area.

Enables Physical Recuperation

More often than not, you find yourself slouching on your desk when working on the Internet for long hours. Overtime, you develop physical discomforts such as backache, wrist pain and stiff joints, as well as excessive strain on your eyes. Get off your desk every once in a while to let your body recover and realign itself. Avoid similar activities such as watching television. Try to maintain an upright posture once you get back behind the desk, and find exercises you can perform while working.

Allows Time for Other Activities

It is said that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice in a field to become an expert, so by now, you’re probably an expert of the Internet. However, if you could pour some of those hours into another activity, it not only adds to your skills, but also stimulates your mind and body. The Internet consumes a lot of your daily life and taking a break from it enables you to find new ways to exert yourself and add value to your quality of living.

Reinforces Personal Relationships

Internet technology has changed the way we interact with people. Although it has improved means of communication, as messages are transmitted through various mediums such as text, video and voice, Internet platforms tend to be interfaces rather than a direct method of engaging with others. As a result, you falter in your real-life relationships because you become anti-social. Instead of having a group chat via email with coworkers, you could all go out for a cup of coffee to brainstorm.

 Although it is a valuable resource at the workplace, the Internet should not keep you from actual interaction. Addiction to the Internet is a real possibility and it can incapacitate your ability to work without it. It can also affect your sleep patterns. Even if your work involves using the Internet full time, you could take small breaks such as staring out the window, or reading a book to prevent prolonged utilization of the medium.


Image Source: iStock