4 Reasons Why a Work Interview is Best For Businesses Workers

In the last few years, one of the biggest trends in the private sector has been work interviews. Instead of hiring someone after a job interview, companies will decide to give certain promising applicants an opportunity to showcase their skills and then determine if they’d be a perfect fit for both the position and the business. 

Although this has generated some criticisms from the labour force, it is actually a sound and beneficial business practice for both parties: the employer and the employee. Rather than placing all of their bets on the person’s experience and interview skills, companies can conclude if the candidate is great for the job by coming into work for a few hours or for an entire day instead of the traditional three-month period. 

With a plethora of educated, experienced and charismatic individuals out there, it can be very hard to select the absolute best person for the job. This is one of the reasons why work interviews succeed because it’s hands-on. 

However, opponents of this business measure present the case that it allows the company to have free work and could potentially waste the worker’s time and efforts - things that could be better allocated to finding another employment opportunity or traveling to another job interview. The remedy to this is for the business to offer the person wages for the hours worked, which is what a lot of enterprises actually do. 

Still unconvinced by this business practice? Here are four reasons why a work interview is best for businesses and workers: 

1. Saves future headaches 

The resume looked great, the person was exceptional during the phone and in-person interview and they seemed enthusiastic about the job. However, after three weeks, the employee has now become an utter failure as he or she can’t perform the simplest tasks, maintains a weak attitude and refrains from participating in group projects. 

A work interview could have solved this as it would have provided an up close and personal view of their work ethic, personal habits and job skills. Work interviews prevent this type of thing from happening in the first place. 

2. Lowers business costs 

A lot of people don’t realize that it costs businesses a lot of money, time and resources to search, hire and train potential employees. Continuing this process can come with a hefty price-tag for companies everywhere, which is why a lot of small businesses have adopted the work interview mechanism. Once they have selected a few bright candidates then they can bring them into the office for a few hours at a time instead of putting all their eggs in one basket with one specific person. 

3. Workers may dislike the company 

It can be difficult to find out if working at a certain firm is the right thing for workers to do. By participating in a work interview, individuals can surmise if the job is great, the environment isn’t toxic and their colleagues are friendly, professional and helpful. If a recent hire quits within a few weeks then it can hurt the business and cost them a ton of money - hours, administration, human resources, productivity, etc. - to go through the hiring process yet again. 

4. Training 

Indeed, it is expected that every new employee needs a limited amount of training, such as company procedures, technology and how things are run around the office. Some of the most highly educated workers can be slow learners, while experienced workers can be quick learners - and vice versa. A work interview can allow employers decide if this worker requires sufficient training or can learn the basics in a day. 

For some, a work interview can appear to be rather unfair. In the long run, however, it is one of the best ways to find a new job. Businesses can save money, while workers can save their time and agony from working at a company they dislike so very much. 

In an economy where resources are limited and businesses have to tighten their belts, work interviews will be more prevalent then they are now. Even big corporations will incorporate this method into their business model. In order to become successful and move forward into the future, small- and medium-sized businesses have to locate the best workers possible, and work interviews are this solution. 

Image source: Accent Advantage

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