4 Reasons Why it Rocks to be a Math And Science Geek

Typically, the words; “science”, “math” and “like” are not combined in the same sentence. Unless, of course, you’re using “like” in the context of “Math is like the worst subject”, which most millennials tend to do.

The combination of words is lost in an oubliette somewhere in a dark cave under a maze of distractions. Just ask a group of kids if they like math and science, and prepare for a chorus of agonizing moans. Ear plugs anyone?

According to a recent article, a common regret among college graduates is having chosen the wrong major. Many recent graduates aren’t able to find a job in their field of studies. However, with the vast opportunities in math and science, there’s sure to be a sector that can utilize your intelligence.

Let’s take a look at why it rocks to be math and science geek:

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1. Scientists Put The Universe in Perspective

Take a moment and absorb this next sentence. It is thought that there are roughly 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the universe. This is one of those great moments where you get lost in thought and maybe even a little dizzy for a second. Hold on. 100-200 billion? Yes, my friends, billions of galaxies in the universe.

We are just a speck of dust in this great masterpiece filled with asteroids, stars and planets.

Many students struggle with what to do with a math or science degree. One way to embrace your geekiness is to pursue a career in Astronomy. Astronomers have recently been ranked as very well paid professionals. Plus, with around 200 billion galaxies out there, I would say that’s job security.

Houston, we have success. NASA recently obtained pictures from the little planet Pluto. And thanks to science, we’re able to get a glimpse of planets like Pluto that are billions of miles away. Maybe you can discover a new planet or galaxy. Hey, you never know.

2. The Earth is Thirsty For Sustainability

Though sustainability is really a natural occurrence, with such an over-industrialized world, humans need to be reminded of the value of sustainability to the environment and infrastructures. Sustainability is not just a buzzword you see on a local co-op strawberry carton, though. It is an emerging field that is becoming increasingly important to society.

The science of sustainability will keep scientists busy for years to come. A career in sustainability is exciting because it’s a chance to improve the world by managing mankind’s carbon footprint. The whales will thank you for it. 

There is a lot of passion in sustainability, and the Earth needs more people who are educated on this subject. Industrialization and consumerism is really taking a toll on biodiversity, nature, wildlife and human existence; therefore, this field is almost guaranteed to be lucrative.

3. Math Makes For a Very Cool World

Math is really everywhere, and it’s embedded into some awesome careers such as animation, gaming, virtual reality, and robotics. Most of our modern entertainment is reliant on science and mathematics.

Math is a subject that many students need guidance on, so don’t give up on it too easily, there are many tutors out there to assist. The Upper East Side math tutors of New York City are helping to make sure that New Yorkers are getting the best help possible to understand the spiraling maze of math.

The very basic makeup of all existing entities on earth is a product of math. The Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio for instance. Everything, and I mean, everything, all boils down to the golden spiral that exists and is measured using math. 

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Let us celebrate Fibonacci Day on November 23rd. Raise your glasses as Fibonacci was a leading contributor to mathematics. He helped spread the number system we are familiar with, known as Hindu-Arabic numerals (0,1,2,3,4…) versus the Roman numeral system (I, II, III, IV…). So he made life a lot easier for us.

A Little fact about Fibonacci, in 1178, growing up in Pisa, Italy; many townsfolk called him a “blockhead”. He was teased because he used numbers and math. Apparently, teasing geek-a-zoids has been going on for centuries.

4. Find The Cure

For decades, scientists have been plugging away in their laboratories researching data to find a cure for some of humanities most dreadful diseases. Mankind has come a very long way over time. This is no easy feat but a truly phenomenal and heroic task.

Laypeople are not generally educated on what goes on behind the scenes to develop medical treatments. The discoveries that are going on behind the scenes are magnificent; however, there is still a lot more to do. 

Whether you can study and then help to find a cure for a disease or be a part of a trial, Science and math are the true leaders in finding treatments and cures to help protect the ones you love and yourself.

5. You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

journey to the center of the earth

Every living and well, not living thing is affected by math and science. It’s everywhere — so you might as well face the music and begin the jam session.

These subjects are just a fact of life. From micro-organisms to the 100 plus billion galaxies, we rely on math and science for practically every aspect of existence and all its glory.

It’s true that math and science subjects are often taught in such a way that is boring or tedious, but, the possibilities the subjects offer are endless. Learning how to appreciate math and science in all their glory will be a positive stepping stone into a world of interesting possibilities.

Don’t let this industrialized, consumeristic world turn you against taking a math or science subject in college. There is a home for you somewhere in the sciences, and the world needs you thinking of ways to make a difference with your intellect. So go out there and make a difference

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Are you unsure about what course to take at university? Are you considering math and science? Why wouldn’t you choose a math or science course?