4 Reasons You Should Fear Introverted Bosses

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Most people think that for someone to be a good leader, they need to be a fun and out-going person. While this may be true, studies have shown that quiet and more introverted individuals can be successful leaders and excel at managing other people. But as every person is different in their own way, introverts also have their flaws.
Other people may find it difficult to understand them and this makes them appear distant, cruel and uncaring. Most of the times this isn’t a problem, but what happens when this introverted person is your boss? Are there any valid reasons you should fear your introverted boss?

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1. You Never Know What They Are Thinking

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Having an introvert boss can be difficult. It’s not like they are doing anything wrong, but cracking the code of their behaviour will have you wondering what is on their mind all the time. The most frustrating part is that you will never know what they are thinking about – except of course if you are a psychic. That’s because introverts, in general, tend to think before they talk and they can have several thoughts racing through their heads at the same time. Scary right?

2. They Can Be Difficult to Talk to

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Since introverts aren’t a big fan of small talk, you may find difficult to engage your boss in casual chat. This may be because they feel more energised and alive when they are talking about things that have a deeper meaning to them and they would often voluntary exclude themselves from a conversation that seems to be going nowhere. Your boss may also be difficult to talk to even though he is very good at it. However, considering that you can’t get past the small talk, it can be difficult to talk to him about the other stuff that you are interested in e.g. getting a promotion or a raise.

3. They Hate People

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Usually, introverts do not enjoy being around other people for extended periods of time and that’s why others might believe that they don’t really like other people. The thing is that they enjoy solitude and often ask others to leave them alone with their thoughts. In short, they need a considerable amount of time to themselves. This allows them to think and concentrate better. So next time you are about to go into your boss’s office make sure you are not interrupting.

4. They Obsess Over Deadlines

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When you are working for an introverted boss, you can’t afford to be a slacker. To them, deadlines are critical. If there is a project that needs to be finished, your boss will need it by the agreed time or a.s.a.p. Of course, this is nobody’s fault. Many introverts are wired this way and hate missing deadlines. This is just how they are. They like to have a plan and be methodical and assume that you will meet their expectations.

Would you say it is good to have an introverted boss? Is introversion something to be feared in a boss? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…