4 Secrets Every Millennial Salesperson Should Know

Have you heard the news? They say that the art of selling is dead and that the modern world and technology have truly taken over the sales world. But is there any proof that technology can replace a real person?

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Well, let me tell you this: there isn’t a smartphone, computer or any other piece of technology that can replace a great salesperson. So, if you are interested in pursuing a career in sales, and eventually becoming a successful salesperson then you should consider the four following secrets.

1. Start Helping

Don’t take this piece of advice literally. I am not saying that you should sell a product by showing how it is going to actually help the client. Yes, of course, that is very important, but you should think of helping your client in other ways as well.

For example, try to look at things from a deeper perspective. How are you, as a salesperson, going to make their life easier? Learn all about their families, their challenges, hobbies and what truly makes them passionate. If they are an early morning person, try to set up morning meetings and make sure you are there on time, and they will definitely look at you more favourably.

2. Find Your Passion


One of the most crucial pieces of advice is to find something to sell that you are very passionate about. If you are passionate about it, you will transmit this to the other person and be able to sell whatever you want.

3. Be a Chameleon

You need to become a chameleon. There isn’t a successful salesperson that has only one or two ways to communicate with people. Each person requires an entirely different approach, and great sales people know how to differentiate between communicating with a CEO and a graduate intern. Be careful, though, you should always respect them the same way. But still, you need to find different ways to approach them without sounding pretentious.

We are not saying that you should change who you are to attract a new client. All you need to do is have different versions of you so you can easily blend in with the clients according to their own personalities and values without changing your own.

4. Follow Up

Many salespeople don’t follow up after meeting a potential client, but you should ALWAYS follow up. Don’t worry about being annoying. However, if you do feel like you are, just be honest and let them know in a way similar to this: “I hope my follow-up is not bothering you but…”. This will release the awkward tension and clear the air, trust me.

If they are a serious client, they will appreciate you being consistent and persistent and make sure that if you land a deal, you keep both these values in place.

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Remember: greatness comes with sacrifices. Nothing comes easy, so just ask yourself how badly you want to succeed as a salesperson, follow these tips and you will eventually conquer the sales world!

Are you a successful salesperson? Do you agree with the secrets mentioned above? Your thoughts and comments below please...