4 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear of Failure


Being afraid of failure is perfectly understandable, although letting it becoming a part of your life is unacceptable. Why? Your fear of failure distracts your from realising your career aspirations and limits your choices for career development, as it doesn’t let you evolve and be the kind of professional you aspire to be. What’s even worse, this kind of fear doesn’t allow you to move forward and try anything new. Since you don’t want all your efforts to be proven pointless, what you should do is work on those things that make you feel you are going to fail.

In order to stop doubting yourself and constantly asking ‘what if’, you need to start pushing yourself to the limits! Now, let’s go over some steps that are guaranteed to help you overcome your fear of failure and exploit your full career potential:

#1 Understand what failure means

The first step to overcoming your fear of failure is understanding what failure means to you. Since failure is a matter of perspective, every person experiences it differently and one’s definition of failure might be a great learning experience for another. In order to understand failure, you need to get to know yourself better and examine your key values and beliefs. Also, look back into your past and find out what triggered these negative feelings, e.g. critical parents or a dramatic experience.

#2 Find what you are afraid of

Step two is identifying what it is that you are really afraid of. The best way to do this is to write down your thoughts listing everything that you are scared of, taking into account every aspect of your career and life in general. For example, ask yourself what stops you from doing what you love. Are you afraid what other people will say about you, if they laugh at you or judge you? After you have done that, throw that piece of paper away. This will allow you to eliminate your fears and make you feel much more relaxed.

#3 Take action

Once you have identified your fears, it’s time to take action. Come up with ways on how to remove those barriers that are holding you back and take small steps to reaching your goal. Think about what you need to do that will help you move closer to getting rid of your fears. An excellent way of doing that is to invest in self-improvement and equipping yourself with knowledge in regards to your subject!

#4 Discover your limitations

The last step refers to becoming self-aware and knowing what you can or cannot control. Obviously, you can’t control what other people are doing or thinking, so start from developing yourself and set smart small goals to get you where you want to be. Many career experts also recommend that you visualise your dreams first as this is a great motivator to help you keep moving forward.

Hopefully, these four steps have given you an idea on how to overcome your fear of failure. Start by changing your way of thinking and setting some small goals to gain better control over your life and go where your dreams take you!

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