4 Strategies to Grow Your Business by Using Instagram

These are the four best strategies you need to grow your business by using one social media platform: Instagram… to become an Instagram marketing expert.

Do you have a business and are interested in growing your brand using only one social media platform? Then we have the solution for you: Instagram. Instagram is the best social and mobile platform for your business if you want to reach out to an audience who is willing to engage.

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If you want to engage with your clients, and you need to build an audience while inserting your own personality into your brand then get on Instagram. If you want to find out tricks to grow your business on Instagram, then read the following list to become an Instagram marketing expert.

1. Be Clear About Your Brand


The first thing you need to do is figure out what your audience wants to see from you on Instagram. Are there any particular themes, styles, filters that your clients like? Do a bit of research and once you find out what works best for you start posting quotes, images and promotions that are linked to your business (and your audience would like).

If you are unsure how to find out what your clients prefer a good tip is to observe what your competition is posting online. If you are so ahead of your game and have no competitors yet, look at popular websites or blogs related to your brand.

2. Post Images That People Want to Share


So, how do you ensure you have active audience engagement? Well, you need to offer them a great design and valuable content. You could use free apps like Typorama and WordSwag to create your inspiring posts without the hassle of searching for and paying expensive designers. You can also easily make your photos professional, personal and inspiring at absolutely no cost.

3. Post Consistently

posting on social media

Instagram is all about consistency, and it favours accounts who regularly post content. Don’t just post one image every couple of days. If you are new to this and want to start properly building up your followers, you need to post at least 1-2 times a day. This way you will always have new posts for your audience to see and get excited about! It is not forbidden to post more than once per day but most brands seem to post roughly 1-2 times per day.

4. Hashtags


Contrary to popular belief, hashtags are not only used by teenage girls who are seeking attention. They are actually a powerful tool to create awareness of what your business is up to. In other words, it is modern search tool to help viewers who are interested to find out more about topics they are interested in.

So, now that you understand what hashtags are supposed to do, how do you use them? Well, every time you post an image, write a caption before posting the image and then after posting it go to the comments section and write all your hashtags. But you don’t need to manually write all 30 hashtags (Instagram allows only 30 hashtags per comment) for every single post.

Before posting your first images, take some time and research popular hashtags related to your brand and compile them all together in a draft note on your phone. There; now you can copy-paste this note for each photo you are about to post on Instagram.

If you are looking for just one strategy to engage and grow your audience and make more money then Instagram is your ticket to success.

Do you think Instagram is the best social media platform for marketing purposes or do you prefer the old fashioned way, Facebook? Let us know your thoughts below..




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