4 Tips for a Successful Sales Call

When it comes to making outbound sales calls to potential clients, the vast majority of people in business see the telephone as some kind of anchor. For some salespeople, you might think that the telephone would electrocute them if they touched it, a reaction that revolves around the fear of rejection. It’s normal that there are not many people who are willing to put themselves in a position where they could be rejected. However, those who do, find that it enables them to reap a large number of benefits. When you have the right attitude and pay close attention to what’s happening, each rejection becomes a learning experience. We’ve put together some top tips that you can use in order to have more successful sales calls.

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1. Develop a Professional Greeting

Don’t just say hello and dive straight into the call without giving the other party any time to participate. Everybody says ‘hello,’ so be professional and different by erring on the side of formality by welcoming your prospective buyers with a phone greeting such as ‘Good morning, Mr. Smith’. The more professional and polite you appear, the more impressed the recipient will be.

2. Introduce Yourself

Although it’s important not to be too specific about the reason for the call or what you’re hoping to sell in the initial stages. It’s essential that you introduce yourself and where you’re calling from so that your recipient knows exactly who they are talking to. For example, if you’re working for a retail call center run by Ameridial Inc., you should begin your call with your name, and the name of the call center or the person you are phoning on behalf of.

3. Show Appreciation

It’s important that you always express gratitude to the client and thank them for allowing you a few moments of their time. Acknowledge that they are busy, and ensure that they know you appreciate them taking the time to talk to you. Let the client know that you won’t waste a second of their time. Avoid using ‘it will only take a moment’ and similar phrases, as thinking that you’re out to get something from them will put many people off.

4. State the Reason for Calling

It’s important that your call recipient knows the purpose of the call, and you should aim to provide them with this information as soon as possible. The last thing that should occur is a client asking you why you have called. Not knowing why they have been called puts off many customers and can lead them to think that you are simply wasting their time. The best way to get the purpose of the call across is to present the purpose within a question. For example, ‘if we can show you a way to improve your product’s quality, but save money, would you be interested?’ These kinds of questions usually invoke a ‘yes’ answer and encourage the client to want to learn more.

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