4 Tips to Become an Irresistible Person

Who wouldn’t want to be classified as irresistible? Unless you want to be a hermit your entire life and hibernate in a cave, why not try to become more irresistible? Being irresistible can open up many doors for you in your personal and professional life. You will seem more charming, engaging and open to friendships; your opinions will more likely be heard, and people will flock to you like bees to honey. If you want to become a more irresistible person, consider the following tips.

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1. Boost Your Confidence Level

You’ve all seen them: the tall, dark, handsome guy who simply walks into a room and all the ladies flock to his side, and the beautiful blonde with blue eyes who lights up the room as soon as she walks inside. What makes these people so irresistible? And how can you become more like them?

One of the first things you can do is to boost your own confidence level. You may never look like that tall, dark, handsome guy or that beautiful blonde girl – but that doesn’t matter. You look like you do, and you should try to find happiness in your appearance. That’s one reason why these irresistible people have the “it factor”. They are confident in their own skin. Sure, they’ve done their hair and makeup and have the right clothes, but their irresistibility factor is not based solely on their outward appearance. A good percentage of it has to do with how confident they are.

Take a good look at yourself. Accept who you are on the outside and inside. Come to terms with what you have to offer the world. When you can learn to love yourself and build your self-confidence level, you will begin to become irresistible to others.

You might even want to consider giving yourself your own personal makeover: get a new haircut, change your makeup, and buy some new clothes. Start hanging out with your friends more so you have new opportunities to dress up and go out on the town, further developing your self-confidence level; make a list of all your positive personality traits and professional skillsets, and start to see yourself as the wonderful, unique person that you are.

2. Become More Interesting

Okay, so you can have all the confidence in the world. That still won’t make you completely irresistible. You need to find ways to become more interesting. Physical beauty is skin deep and can only fool people for so long before they find out you’re actually not that irresistible. People who are irresistible have a combination of self-confidence and an interesting life. Now, everyone has their own version of what’s interesting. You must figure out what makes your own life interesting. If your life isn’t very interesting, you need to go on to plan B: find some new interests that you can start to develop. You want people to be able to still find you irresistible once they’ve dug deeper than the surface of your life.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to rock climb, sign up for some classes at a local climbing gym. Once you get proficient, you can start taking some rock climbing adventures outdoors. Change up your reading list; stop reading what you always focus on, and start reading books outside your usual genre of choice. If you always turn to romance, make a change and read science fiction. You may not like it, but the experience will expand your perspective and give you more interesting things to talk about.

Becoming more interesting also entails developing your conversation skills. You have to know how to hold a person’s interest long enough for you to stay irresistible and leave a lasting impression, long after you’ve walked away from the conversation. Start a new hobby like crafting, writing or something a little more wild like high-power rocketry, beer brewing, wine making or poker.

3. Find Your Zest for Life

Irresistible people love life. They’ve found their zest for it and want to live life to the fullest. Their enthusiasm for life is contagious; people want to be around them. That’s the main reason why they are irresistible to others. Think for a moment about what you’re more attracted to: would you rather hang out with a dull, boring and depressed individual or someone who has an excitement for life and wants to make a difference in the world? You’d most likely rather spend more time with the person who has a zest for life. Channel that same sense of attraction you feel toward this type of person to your inner mindset. You need to find your own zest for life.

Figure out what makes you tick. Discover your passions in life. Maybe you enjoy being around people and want to make a difference in the lives of others. That interaction with others cultivates your zest for life. You might be passionate about your job and that keeps you going and pursuing your dreams.

If you find it difficult trying to figure out what makes you tick, consider hanging out with friends to get their opinion. You may be surprised to find out what they think you’re passionate about. Speak to your colleagues or manager to get their thoughts on what they think your passions are in the workplace. Getting an outside perspective can help you to refocus and see your true passions in a new light. Then you can light the fire again to find your zest for life.

4. Develop Your Professional Life

Irresistible people have usually developed their professional lives and are experiencing success. That continuity and success in their professional life makes them more irresistible to others. People want to hang around them to soak in their success through metamorphosis. Obviously, these people won’t become successful simply from hanging around them. However, they will become more motivated to follow in their footsteps. Developing your professional life will help you succeed in life and become more irresistible.

Take your job seriously; work diligently every day so that you can succeed in getting promoted. Further your professional learning by taking seminars in your career field or continuing education courses. Suggest that your boss implement lunch and learns in the workplace so that you and your colleagues have more opportunities to develop professional skills. Work with a mentor, such as a manager or more experienced colleague, who can help you to further develop your skills through constructive criticism and professional advice.

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We all love irresistible people. If you want to become one of those people, focus on boosting your self-confidence level. Trust yourself more and accept your uniqueness. Become more interesting and develop new hobbies. Learn how to become a better conversationalist so that you can hold people’s interest longer. Figure out your passions so that you can find your zest for life. When you can be more excited about life and all that it has to offer you, your enthusiasm will become contagious. People will want to hang out with you because your zest for life makes you so irresistible. Don’t forget about your professional life. Develop your career and work diligently toward success. When you succeed as a professional, people will want to know your secret to success.

Do you know any irresistible people? Have you ever wanted to become more irresistible and what steps have you taken so far? Let us know in the comments section below!