4 Tips to Supercharge Your Post Lunch Slump

As the day dredges on we inevitably start feeling the day weigh on our shoulders or more appropriately our double-fat-triple-bacon-colon-destroyer burger weighs on our stomachs. Getting groggy not only makes you unproductive but it can potentially make time seem slower and horrors of horrors make the day seem longer.

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So how can you overcome the post lunch slump and supercharge yourself? Here’s how.

1. A Rose By Any Other Name

sleeping on desk

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best one. It’s called “The Post Lunch Slump” for a reason, because usually it happened immediately after your mid-day meal. This may be because your mid-day meal is packed with cheap energy in the form of carbohydrates and sugars. Your body will peak for a while but inevitably will crash afterwards. Another factor is the amount of food you consume, if you indulge in a large meal, a lot of the body’s resources will be dedicated to digestion, not cognition, which last time I checked is really important for focusing.

2. Exercise Yourself Awake


If you really want to become chipper after a huge lunch meal, the best way is with a brisk walk around the office or a little cardio, just enough to get the blood pumping but not so much that would make you break a sweat. Not only will a brisk walk help you digest but the fresh air and the sunlight will also invigorate you. On top of everything exercise (even moderate) is better than leaning back in your chair and groaning while rubbing your freshly filled belly.

3. Your Job Might Suck

Often, feeling groggy is misinterpreted lack of motivation. In a study conducted by Organizational Psychologist Jeffrey Saltzman proved that employees feel more motivated when their perceived workload is “about right”- if it is perceived as fair, the employee will be highly motivated. So, if you feel overwhelmed with your work, which might be another factor contributing to your post lunch slump, you can fix it simply by asking for help from administration and co-workers, maybe even see if you can have some of your deadlines “floated” to a future time. Oh and it also works the opposite way, if you happen to not have enough work, you’ll get bored and feel unengaged.

4. The Feel Of Steel

strong man

Okay not exactly steel, but iron. You can consume food with iron and protein which make the body produce hemoglobin, which is the substance in the blood which carries oxygen. Also, things with glucose can help your slow mental state, as glucose is brain food-it is its main source of energy. So, yeah, feed your brain as the song says. Oh, nevermind it says feed your head  which actually means something completely different which is definitely frowned upon at work.

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Is there anything else that shoos away the mid-day cobwebs? Let us know in the comment section below.