4 Tricks That'll Make Managing Someone You Don't Like Much Easier

You can’t like everyone all the time, no matter how open minded and sociable you are. There is going to be that one person that gets under your skin and gives you a rash just at the mention of their name. And guess what, you lucky son (or daughter) of a gun, they work for you. Worry not though my friend because my duty as a humble internet writer is to help as many people as possible…oh, you didn’t know that internet writers are the anonymous superheroes of the internet?

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Well, here are some tricks that will make managing someone you don’t like much easier (epically places fist on hips as a gentle breeze sways his forehead curl gently).

1. Not a Friend

annoying colleague

I understand you like to be more of a friend than an oligarch to your employees, the problem is, sometimes, that’s not feasible. Especially when that employee is an enormously annoying person. Remember it’s not you, it’s them. Just delegate and move on- he will never invite you over for a barbeque and you will never enjoy happy hour libations while bitching about the boss…well, because you are the boss after all.

2. Keep It in Check

You’re a grown up adult- you can tolerate some behaviors that rub you the wrong way if they don’t influence work flow. If your annoying, obnoxious underling can’t do anything without throwing a fit and whining the entire time, then you need to put down the law quick. Why you ask? Because that kind of negative attitude can start influencing the entire team’s morale. I know, you might not want to, but a certain somebody might need to be sat down and spoken to. Your usual “not cool man” just isn’t going to cut it.

3. Don’t be Biased


Although your loathing for this person rivals the public’s hate of Donald Trump, corrupt bankers and Nickelback, you shouldn’t allow that to influence your behavior towards (that admittedly unbearable) person. This is especially true if this employee significantly contributes to both the team and the organization they work for. His dad-joke might annoy you to the point where you want to shove Bic pens into your ears but he can meet a deadline with the best of them. And even though he only brings in lemon custard, he does bring in donuts every Thursday…damn lemon custard donuts… delicious and horrible all at the same time, just like your annoying employee.

4. Band of Brothers/Sisters

It has been psychologically proven that working closely with someone (yes, even someone that you dislike) on a difficult task or project creates a unique affable bond. I know, it sounds crazy, but honestly the Harvard Business Review says so, who am I to disagree with such an awesome University that even their dropouts become billionaires (see Bill Gates). Working with them might even give you a chance to see them in a human way and hopefully make you forget, or at best, overlook the things that annoy you.  

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Do you have any other recommendations on how to manage someone you practically hate? Let us know in the comment section below.




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