4 Types of Interviews

Interviewing can often be a difficult part of the recruitment procedure; however it is the stage where an employer determines whether or not to hire a candidate. When assessing potential employees, it is advised that employers adopt a variety of interviewing techniques as they assist in hiring the most promising candidate.

Here are 4 different types of job interviews that you can conduct in order to recruit a suitable employee:

One-on-One Interview

A one-on-one interview is the most common type of interview form that companies employ. You can recruit candidates based on their skills and abilities, while assessing them in an environment that concentrates on one individual. It is a non-distracting type of interview where the focus is completely on the candidate therefore recruiters are able to attain a good evaluation of their abilities.

Panel Interview

A panel interview is when there is more than one interviewer, usually 3 or more, interviewing one candidate. These types of interviews are common in the recruitment of executive level candidates or managerial roles as they require a comprehensive assessment of the interviewee. Usually one or two interviewers ask the questions, while the others concentrate on assessing the individual silently through body language, mannerisms and communication skills.

Group Interview

A group interview is most used in hiring graduates or entry-level candidates. This is because they provide a glimpse of how a candidate would work in a professional environment. Employees are able to view how the individuals react to each other, and compete to outshine the other candidates.

Role-Play Interview

Role play interviews are an excellent means of assessing a candidate’s reactions and personality. Again, these types of interviews are most common when hiring graduates or entry-level candidates as they demonstrate the personality of an individual rather than their qualifications and expertise. Recruiters provide the interviewees with a hypothetical situation in which they must solve an issue, thus evaluating their skills such as team work, communication and leadership.




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