4 Ways Nostalgia Can Positively Impact Your Career

Nostalgia is an emotional or longing connection for the past, normally reserved for happy memories. Sometimes nostalgia can have a bittersweet connotation when remembering more painful moments. Studies have shown that nostalgia can have a positive effect on your life and that factor can positively impact your career.

Nostalgia can be linked to counteracting feelings of isolation, apathy and apprehension. It is true that you shouldn’t get stuck in the past and the memories of “the good old days”, diverting your own promising future. However, it is good to balance a healthy dose of nostalgic memories in your life. This article will discuss four ways that nostalgia can impact your career in a positive manner.

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1. Power to Refocus

One of the first ways that nostalgia can positively impact our careers is by giving us the power to refocus our perspective. Nostalgia prompts us to remember what is important in life. This factor can come in handy when you encounter momentary diversions to a productive day at work. Some of those diversions can include: an argument with a coworker, a missed deadline, a lost promotion or any other number of negative events.

When you feel angry or frustrated over a negative diversion during your work day, it is important to try to refocus your perspective. You can do this by getting nostalgic. For example, step away for a moment and reflect on the last few positive moments during your day or previous few days. Focus on a happy memory, anything that can help you to regroup and realize that the negative diversion was not the end of the world. Nostalgia can help you to see that the negative diversion can be used toward a positive end as you grow and develop as a person. Obviously, nostalgia won’t fix the negative event. However, it will help you to refocus your perspective so that you can work on finding a solution to the issue.

2. Power to Refuel

The second way that nostalgia can positively impact your career is by giving you the power to refuel. Basically, becoming more nostalgic can give you the power to increase your positivity level and succeed in your future. Think back to a positive moment in your life. Ascertain how simply thinking about that memory made you feel. Most likely, it made you smile or feel a sense of accomplishment or experience some other positive emotion.

Recalling our happy memories will have a positive impact on our lives. Nostalgia can positively impact your career by helping you to refuel your motivation tank when you need to get the drive to start your next project or finish a complicated work task. When you remember past successes in the workplace, you will increase your chances of being motivated to taste that success again.

3. Power to Adapt

As we grow and develop as an individual and professional in the workplace, one of the most important behavioral characteristics that we must develop is our adaptability. We need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances, cope with problems and find a way to succeed under complicated situations. Nostalgia can help you by giving you the power to adapt. Basically, it will provide you with the fortitude to more effectively manage transitional changes in the workplace.

For example, when you are experiencing self-doubt over how you can complete a project within a deadline, or accomplish a new task given by your manager—nostalgia can help you cope. Remembering past accomplishments will give you the strength to dig deep and cultivate the perseverance to face any obstacles that are in your way. Recalling past memories will remind you of where you’ve come from and how there is still more to accomplish in your life.

4. Power to Connect

The fourth way that nostalgia can positively impact your career is by giving you the power to connect with others. Take another moment for reflection and remember a time when you were surrounded by friends or family members and had an enjoyable time. The nostalgia surrounding that memory tells you that you connected on some level with those people in your memory.

You can utilize nostalgia in the workplace to reconnect with colleagues when the atmosphere gets tense in the office. For example, if you are working on a team project and obstacles are arising and tempers are flaring, be the one to change the atmosphere. Remind everyone of a funny memory that you all share. Open the door toward allowing each of the team members to recall the memory as well, so they can also feel the emotions surrounding that recollection. That simple trip down memory lane can break the tension and help the team to get back on track. When the team is being productive, that helps you as well to continue to succeed at your job and your career.

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing; especially when it pertains to how it can positively impact your career. It can refocus your perspective and refuel your motivation. You can utilize nostalgia to increase your adaptability and reconnect with others.

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