4 Ways to Break the Monotony of Your Job

Let’s face it, most people hate heading back to work every morning to face another dull week in the office. You’ve probably daydreamed of standing up in your cubicle, screaming at the top of your lungs and handing in your resignation letter as you storm out of the office in search of your dream job. However, that’s not reality and you most likely need to keep your day job and can’t spend all day hanging out at the beach sipping margaritas. So what are you supposed to do when your job has become monotonous and you are ready to jump ship? It’s time to make some creative changes to break the monotony of your job. Consider some of the following ideas to add fun and enjoyment to your daily workplace environment.

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1. Change Your Daily Routine

If you need to breathe some fresh air into your dull work day, consider changing your daily routine. When you make positive changes to your routine, you can add that spark you need to find the drive to get to work every morning. With a fresh daily routine, you can say goodbye to not wanting to get out of bed every single morning. Make a change to your morning routine by starting to do exercise like aerobics, Pilates, yoga or running, or whatever sounds like fun to you. Take a new route to work each morning during your daily commute. New scenery can make things more interesting so don’t hesitate to try different routes to work. If you usually bring your own coffee to work in the morning, treat yourself to grabbing coffee at a new café one or twice a week.

Break up your routine by choosing a new restaurant to go to during your lunch break a few times a week. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to go out to eat, plan lunches that get you excited so that you have something to look forward to each day. Consider some of these delicious lunch ideas like a chicken Caesar ciabatta sandwich or a chicken spinach pesto wrap. Sometimes doing the same tasks day in and day out can make us feel like we’re on a prison assembly line making license plates. Change up your work to-do list and rearrange how you complete tasks each day. Anything you can do to spice up your routine will make you excited and getting up to go to work every morning won’t seem as dull.

2. Make New Work Friends

Having good friends can be the sweetest part of your life. However, we don’t get to hang out with our friends all day long. We’re not in elementary school anymore. Supposedly, we’re all grown up. Yet, that need for connecting with others is still so real in our lives. One way that you can break up the monotony of your daily job is to make new friends at work. Say hi to the front desk receptionist whenever you come into the office instead of just walking by. Start connecting with your team members in a genuine way. If the first couple of coworkers you get on friendly terms with don’t suit your fancy, move on to the next person.

Invite some of your coworkers to go out to lunch with you. Start a “walking club” where anyone from the company can get together during the lunch break to walk and get to know each other. If you’ve never gone to any happy hours with coworkers after work, make sure you try it out. Obviously, you won’t become friends with everyone. However, if you can start to make some good friends at work, when Sunday night comes along, you’ll begin to anticipate going to work the next morning -because you get to hang out with your work buddies.

3. Pull Some Fun Pranks

We can all agree that we love to do fun things and find enjoyment in life. However, going to work can be anything but fun and many times it becomes boring and we can lose our motivation. Another way to break the monotony in your daily job is to pretend like April Fool’s Day happens once a month on your calendar and pull some fun pranks. Of course, you don’t want to become a radical prankster and do something to the wrong person like your uptight coworker who will immediately tattle on you to your manager. That’s someone you should avoid pranking. Stick to having some fun with coworkers that you know will appreciate the joke. Just beware that you may be pranked yourself so keep your eyes open.

Trying to bring some fun into your workplace environment through harmless pranks can bring some excitement back into your day. Wallpaper your coworker’s cubicle with posters of their favorite boy bands from their high school days. Plan some of your pranks for Monday morning when the rest of your coworkers will probably be depressed about being back to work and already on their fifth cup of coffee. Hopefully your pranks get lots of laughs and keep the fun going in the office.

4. Start an Office Romance

Your social life may be non-existent as it pertains to the romance department. Most likely you’re so busy working, that life has become one dull and boring Groundhog Day that seems like it’s never going to end. If you want to break the monotony of your daily job consider starting an office romance. Now, you’ll need to operate under stealth mode if management doesn’t allow inter-office fraternization. However, think of all the fun you can have trying to figure out ways that you can flirt with one of your coworkers and hopefully ask them out on a date. Knowing that you’re going to see the object of your affection in the office on Monday will definitely get you out of bed in the morning roaring and ready to go. Your boss is probably going to wonder why you’ve actually gotten to work early several days in a row.

Don’t get all hot and heavy right away. Enjoy the process of romancing this person. Become their secret admirer and then act like you have no idea what they’re talking about when they tell you they received a bouquet of roses. Leave love notes, the hand-written kind, for this person at their desk. Create some mystery and drama so that this person is carried away with the whole romantic atmosphere you’re creating. Taking the slow road here will keep you anticipating every chance you get to interact with this person. That means that you are going to enjoy coming to the office and will break the monotonous cycle of your daily job.

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Being bored in your job and not being able to find other employment is not a fun place to be. However, if you think outside the box you can create a fun and enjoyable environment at work. Find ways to change your daily routine so that you’re actually looking forward to going to work. Step outside your comfort zone as the office wallflower and start making new friends. Who knows, you might even have some fun! Channel your inner child and pull some fun pranks and start a chain reaction of bringing enjoyment back to work. Get excited about starting an office romance and look forward to coming to the office each day.