4 Ways to Effectively Present Your Strengths During an Interview


With the increasing competition in the job market, you need to produce an impeccable performance in job interviews – in addition to a great résumé – to enable you to stand out from other job applicants. This is in light of the fact that a job offer is likely to come along after an average of seven job interviews. To make sure you are not stuck in this predicament, you need to show the interviewing panel that you are the right person for the job by magnifying your strengths in relation to the requirements of the job.

1. Outline your career brand

The interview could begin with a question about yourself, which provides a chance to promote your career brand. In doing so, you need to shed light on your work history as well as parts of your background that mark you out as a unique candidate. If the position is a management one, then talk about your leadership style, or outline your communication style – if you are not seeking a management post. Either way, the interviewers get the chance to understand you through the eyes of your past employers. Use at least one powerful adjective to describe your personality.

2. Talk about credentials

Show the interviewers that you have a wealth of experience and high-quality performance by outlining your credentials at top firms where you have previously worked. The panel ought to understand your positive impact on employers and employees at past workplaces. This could include increasing company sales or inventing new technology to enhance company productivity. You could also reveal any coveted specializations or certifications in your career that you have undertaken thus far. This positions you as a candidate with a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to the company.

3. Narrate success stories

Storytelling has become an integral part of job interviews today where the hiring manager asks the job seeker to show his capabilities by describing an instance in their lives where they put them to good use. Also known as the Challenges Actions Result (CAR) technique, you only need to narrate an instance where you faced a problem, what actions you took to correct it, and the results. For instance, a success story about how you changed a customer service department might be testament to your organizational, social or communication skills.

4. Use visual aids

The advantage of using visual aids, such as PowerPoint and other slideshows, is that they allow you to visually show that your strengths are just what the company needs. Present an 8-10 slideshow highlighting your brand, experience as well as value to the interviewer’s company. You can highlight the important messages in your presentation by using colors as well as bullets to enhance comprehension of the slideshow. Even though you could distribute hard copies of the presentation to the interview panel, a verbal presentation is still necessary to emphasize the critical points the panel ought to know.

Admittedly, a job interview can be a hair-splitting experience; however, timidity is not the best way to approach the interview room. Engage in a bit of ‘soft bragging’ by promoting your unique strengths that make you a perfect fit for the job. With better reflection and preparation, you can put up a polished performance.