4 Ways to Increase Positivity in Your Life

In our personal and professional lives, it can sometimes be difficult to see the good during bad days or weeks. If your job is particularly stressful and you can’t seem to make yourself let that go when you get home, you could be bogging yourself down in needless negativity that’s really affecting your overall happiness. Even if your job isn’t all that difficult, but you find yourself unhappy or stressed, there are things you can do to help alleviate negativity in your life.

Cut negative sources through process of elimination

I check both Twitter and Facebook each morning before beginning my daily work routine. It’s just a small habit that I’ve gotten in to so I can keep in touch with friends, family, and followers, but at the same time, I’m subscribed to a lot of outlets that may not be pushing the best-or most inspiring-content on the net.

My solution? I’ll cut one source a week to eliminate possible negatives in my life. The difference may not be noticeable right away, but if I unsubscribe to a blog or site that pushes a lot of negative news or articles on Monday, by Friday I may be feeling a lot better having not seen those harsh things during the week.

Try making a list of sites you’re subscribed to and see if any of them are worth cutting from your daily routine. It can really change the tone of your routine.

Don’t let criticism or feedback get to you

Rarely are these things personal. In a professional setting, though your manager may sound frustrated or angry, it’s rarely ever directly at you as a person. Once I learned how to let things go and move on to the next task, my routine became much more positive and fluid.

If you find yourself being bogged down by self-doubt or hesitation, try talking with someone close to you in order to gain a new perspective. If your self-doubt is strong enough, you can begin to believe that mistakes or failed tasks are your fault when in actuality they may not be. Consider taking time to yourself after a hard meeting or review to analyze whether your manager was perhaps having their own bad day, which caused them to be more brash than usual. If you did make a mistake that ended in poor results, apologize to your manager and make it right, but then be prepared to move on.

Full steam ahead

Productive days are wonderful and the feeling you gain from eight hours of pure productivity is magical. However, you’ve probably noticed that on days like these, your brain feels tired and your head might feel a little light from all the mental resources you’ve been using. While one day like this can be beneficial every once in a while, if you’re making a five-day week of it, you’re going to burn out—or worse—very quickly.

Remember to take breaks and enjoy your day. Walk to a café, browse the net, or talk with friends every few hours to relieve the mental stress of working or being productive. You’ll come back to your task invigorated and ready to continue.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

We all have these types of people in our lives. The person who takes things so seriously that “fun” isn’t in their vocabulary. Often times people who are far too serious in life fear failure or making mistakes, and that can be detrimental to their overall creativity and success. Taking things too seriously can also mean that when you accomplish a task or complete and assignment, you don’t feel the sense of joy and the self-esteem boost that most experience.  If you find yourself taking rejection or criticism more harshly than you should and you feel down for hours, you may be taking yourself (or your life) too seriously.

Consider leaving little notes for yourself around your office or home to remind yourself to lighten up, or laugh a little. Try reading something funny on the net or listening to a funny podcast while you’re working. Laughing and smiling, even when you don’t want to or don’t feel like it, can drastically improve your mood and overall happiness. Plus, it can really make your friends and coworkers lighten up, too. This means that you’ll be constantly surrounded by people who know when to let loose and have a good time.