4 Ways to Integrate New Employees at Work

As a manager, it is your responsibility to integrate and support new employees in the workplace. Whether they are graduates or weathered professionals, they require your time and effort in terms of training and feeling comfortable in the workplace. Make sure that you take the initiative to make them feel welcomed and assist their transition into the environment they will work in.

Here are some ways you can help new employees in the office:

#1 Make the Initial Introduction

When your new employee initially starts, it is the responsibility of their manager or team leader to introduce them to the rest of the employees. You should take them around the office and introduce them to different departments, as well as show around e.g. where the kitchen and restrooms are. It is important to make the employee feel welcome to ensure that they are comfortable in the new work environment.

#2 Explain their Responsibilities

Once the employee has settled in, managers are advised to give them a brief overview of what work they will be dealing with. It is imperative that you don’t overwhelm them with information in the first week, instead take the time and explain what their expectations are. Clear communication is vital at this stage to ensure there are no confusions.

#3 Provide Continuous Support

Training is often overlooked when managers hire weathered professionals, however it is advised to offer support to each individual you hire. Many employees often feel unaccustomed to certain tasks and too embarrassed to ask for help. Managers should take steps to train their new staff and provide them with the resources to perform their job optimally.

#4 Teach them the Company Basics

As a new employee, they are unaware of the company mission, products and services. Managers should take the time to explain the basics of the company in order to make sure that the employee understands everything. While you may feel tempted to throw them in the deep, it is recommended that you let the employee take their time and learn the business before they take on their everyday tasks.