4 Ways to Make Money Using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media networks in teh world, it is also an excellent way to make money at home. Millions of people use social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst and Facebook to earn cash. Here are just some of the easy ways to make money using Facebook.

1. Sell the Products and Services

It is very easy to sell your products and services on Facebook. Just try to build your audience and remain active in different networks. The following steps can double your sales;

  • Make Announcements of Latest Products and Services: You can announce your new services/products using Facebook. An excellent promotional idea is Facebook Ads to be assured that you are able to target maximum buyers.
  • Facebook Power Editor: The Power Editor allows you to create an updated customer based and mailing lists for increasing the visibility of your services.
  • Use Customer Tab: By adding a customer tab, you will be able to sell the products and services directly on Facebook. This option is used by the buyers to make online purchases.

2. Market Affiliate Services

The market affiliate program allows you to share affiliate links on Facebook and maximize your earnings.

  • Promotion of Website/Blog with Affiliate Links: You can promote your posts and articles using the affiliate links on Facebook.
  • Develop Professional Relations: You should develop personal and professional relations with maximum people on Facebook. Interact with the individuals on famous Facebook pages and communities. Try to promote your products and services in a way that the friends become buyers.
  •  Offer Concessions: By offering special discounts or seasonal concessions you can maximize your chances to earn from every affiliate link. Just try to convince the clients that your offer is best in the market without forcing them to buy.

3. Generate Facebook Lead

If you tend to sale top quality products and services, then your focus should be on generating leads via Facebook. The following ways can help attract more clients;

  • Create Promotional Groups and Communities: It is very easy to create a group or community on Facebook. Name your community as per your business type and invite more and more users to join. You can lead the group and update it regularly so that it can captivate the attention of buyers. Don’t forget to promote the group using other pages and profiles to attract the clients, not friends.
  • Expand Your Routes: The survival of a freelance business is based upon the extra exposure. You should try to expand the routes of your business. Link your Facebook profile with your website using easy to navigate tabs. Invite more and more people to like your profile and professional pages. By doing so, the interaction with the clients will be easier.
  • Look for Referral Groups: If you are selling some unfamiliar products then look for Facebook referrals. Allow the famous businessmen and service providers to write reviews about your products on Facebook page or your blog. This will certainly catch the attention of the buyers.

4. Build Mailing Lists

You can easily build your mailing list using the social media websites. Many businesses are earning huge profits from this way. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  • Post Signup Incentives: You should post signup incentives on your Facebook pages. For getting maximum exposure, promote your services using Facebook Ads. This will greatly help target the right customers all over the world. You’ll earn incentives from every signup of your customers.
  • Join Professional Groups: This is one of the easiest ways to earn from Facebook. You can join different professional groups of SEOs, writers, web designers etc. to target the clients. Keep on looking at the questions they post in those groups and answer their questions as quickly as possible. The answers should be informative and up-to-date, with a link to your website.
  • Install Apps: There are some great apps you can install on your Facebook page for maximum exposure such as AweberGetResponseConstant Contact, and iContact.
  • Add Cover Picture with “Click Here” Button: This is an interesting and easy way to earn incentives. You can add a cover picture on your Facebook profile with an informative description and “Click Here” button. You should make shortened URLs for your page like ( or (

Facebook has some money making apps that allow users generate revenues. If you’re still not making enough cash, then these may certainly help if you are indeed new in to the industry, and need experience before starting.

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