4 Ways to Retain Your Best Employees

Employee and Employer satisfaction go hand in hand. The best way to retain your most qualified and valued employees is to make those employees never want to leave! While life circumstances will necessitate employee relocations and perhaps leaving for a higher salary, you should never have your top employees leave again because of job dissatisfaction.

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1. Allow Creative Expression to Reign

Most employees do not leave their jobs because of money. They leave because they are bored! Do not be guilty of being a micro-manager. Allowing employees to creatively express themselves in a job fulfills a deep inner need of self-worth. Fulfilling a request that was dictated to you note for note is not the same as completing a project you put your own blood, sweat and tears into. This is the kind of job that makes you sigh at the end of the day; not because you are tired, but because you accomplished your goal.

2. Let Your Employees Have Fun!

Work is serious business. Goals and deadlines for projects must be completed in a timely and professional manner. While performance is a top priority, do your employees have anything to look forward to besides work? Sometimes, it is the little things that mean the most in being satisfied with your job. Good times shared at an anniversary picnic between fellow employees can become priceless memories.

What about putting pictures of such events in an employee newsletter? An employee newsletter is also a good way to recognize significant life events like the birth of a child or reaching an important milestone, such as receiving a degree or designation. How about planning an ice cream party for the office after making a monthly goal? Who says work cannot be fun?

3. Recognize Employee Efforts

Employees often leave a job, not because of pay but because they feel their efforts go unrecognized. Recognize exceptional employees and their efforts monetarily or through some other form of special recognition. This could be in the form of an award, a special ceremony or even paid leave. Motivation can be a fire, once ignited, that lights up a path to increased productivity and employee satisfaction throughout your organization.

4. Help Your Employees Pursue Educational Goals

Your employees are real flesh-and-blood humans with dreams and desires, such as yourself. One important dream of many employees is completing or furthering their education. Sponsoring an employee and paying for a portion of their educational expenses will not only benefit the employee, but will enhance the quality of your own workforce in the process. You should always encourage your employees to “be all they can be.”

Will your employees outgrow your organization and go on to bigger and better things? Perhaps, but if you retain the atmosphere of motivation with a desire to always strive for improvement; your organization will be one where qualified employees will want to come and also a place where good employees will be reluctant to leave.

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Does your workplace use any of the methods mentioned above? Do they work?




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