4 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone in Your Career Development Process

Fear over job security tends to be the biggest factor that keeps employees within a comfort zone, therefore inhibiting their chance at career progression. In order to have a successful career, you need to step out of this zone and be more proactive in ensuring your development. The following are things you can do to enable your growth and progress at the workplace, without marring your stability or job security:

Seek Out New Experiences

Career development requires you to diversify your skills and qualifications, as well as assimilate new information. These qualities give you the competitive advantage you need for survival in the constantly shifting working world. Sometimes you may have to challenge yourself by working under less-than-ideal situations in order to see how far you’re able to expand your stretch zone. Such new challenges can present previously unrecognized successes that give you that bump you need in your career.

Ditch Your Normal Routine

Doing the same thing on a daily basis becomes tiresome, boring and redundant. It also makes your job predictable and you lose the morale to put in your best. Your mind needs to be constantly revitalized in order for you to have the drive for success and development. You should find ways to change your work routine. You can do this by taking a different route on your commute to the office, working in a different station or even offsite if your company allows you to, or scheduling your tasks differently.

Join a Professional Organization

Being part of professional organizations or trade associations is a great way to network with people within your career field, as well as other fields that may interest you in future. Attend lunch meetings and conferences where guest speakers are able to motivate you with their experiences, and subscribe to their publications for information on opportunities that you can take advantage of to add value to your professional development. Branching out is much easier when you have people to support and recommend you. Through a professional organization, you can strategize your career goals better and make informed decisions.

Further Your Education

Even though pursuing an advanced degree comes with a lot of expenses, and increases pressure on your time, knowledge is an investment that can never be wasted. Furthering your studies reinforces your seriousness in your career. You have the opportunity to get to know more about your field of work. Nevertheless, an advanced degree is not the only way to increase your academic qualifications, especially if your finances are limiting; you can also undertake studies for advanced certification in your chosen field which take a shorter time to complete.


Don’t let yourself become a compliant employee in your workplace. Comfort zones foster negative attitudes such as helplessness, which make progress more difficult. Stepping out of it enables you to learn, grow and create so that you’re self-sufficient and innovative. With the constantly changing working world, such qualities will enable you to achieve the highest potential level of personal development and professional progress.




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