5,000 Startups put Tel Aviv into the Tech Spotlight

A lot has changed from the Old Israel to the modern Tel Aviv. It has become a startup business hub and Tel Aviv is now vying with other global tech cities such as Moscow, London, New York and Berlin to become the new 'Home of Technology'.

What distinguishes Tel Aviv from its global peers as a home of startups is the vast number of startups and the energy the city exudes. Everybody seems to be a founder or business owner, and networking events take place every day, on top of weekend hackathons. This country likes to talk, making networking with Israelis is easy.

18 months ago Microsoft opened its first startup accelerator in Tel Aviv and is already hosting its third batch of young businesses. Microsoft is in charge of providing these companies with a creative workplace, business opportunities and tech mentors, software tools and access to customers and partners.

"The idea is to build extraordinary startups around the world and provide them unparalleled routes to market. We’re giving startups a ‘head-start,’ and Tel Aviv is the perfect place to do it,” explained Zack Weisfeld, senior director at Microsoft Ventures.

"Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant startup communities in the world and comes in at No.2 in the top startup ecosystems in the world," explained Ben Lang, CEO of Mapped in Israel. "Walking around the city, you'll see startups popping up everywhere. What makes it such an incredible place for startups is the community. It's full of talented people who love to help others."

The most developed mobile system in the Middle East is in Israel. According to figures from 2012, the country has more than 9.2 million mobile phones, a penetration rate of more than 133%. One of the market leaders, Orange, is another adherent of Israel’s tech expertise. This is testament to the country's ability to become the new home of techonology.

“With more than 5,000 startups and more engineers per capita than anywhere else in the world, Israel is a natural hub of innovation," says Nathalie Boulanger, director of Orange Startup Ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurs and investors should take note of Tel Aviv's developments and progression. Not only is it a technologically advanced region, but its support and envouragement for startups and entrepreneurial activity makes it a top choice for budding entrepreneurs.

Would you ever relocate to Tel Aviv for startup purposes? Would you like to pursue your tech career in Israel? 




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