5 Annoying Colleagues Everyone Has (and How to Deal with Them)

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1. 1. The Huffer and Puffer
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This person likes to make noises at work - the angry and fed-up kind. Mostly they do it for attention, so that someone (literally anyone) would just ask them “What’s wrong?” Yes it is pathetic, but they want to share their problems and drop them onto your lap - as if you have time to listen. Solution: Next time you hear a sigh from the cubicle next to you - just turn a deaf ear and get on with your work. We all have work and we want to get on with it, so the faster you finish, the sooner you can get away from huffer.

Working can be fun, but it can also be very very difficult. More often than not, the challenges we face at work are actually not even related to the actual job - the problems are related to the people we work with. It often feels like school all over again, where the teacher makes you sit with a certain someone as punishment - except this time you have to do work, but the on the plus side, you get paid to do it.

Working is similar, except changing seats is not an easy option and you have to be adult about handling situations. Gone are the days when you could pull pigtails and push someone in the dirt - we have to act grown up in the office no matter how tempting those options sound!

So you got an annoying colleague - so what?! Almost everyone does, so you should try to as well. Here are the 5 stereotypical types of annoying colleagues you could encounter and how to handle them:




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