5 Apps All Companies Should Use

Apps are, first and foremost, easy to access. All you have to do is download and you can use it wherever and whenever you want. Apps can help with sheer boredom, with learning but, most importantly, they can aid companies. They make things easier, they help. Here are five apps all companies should use to make their everyday life that bit swifter:


Evernote is the perfect app to store ideas and share them. It’s very easy to use your phone to jot down notes or ideas but we always loose them, they’re hidden in drafted text messages or notepad applications we’ve forgotten about. Thus, ideas are forgotten. With Evernote everything is stored together and you can access it everywhere. If you can’t find your phone your ideas aren’t lost they’re on your laptop, your tablet, anywhere you can log on. And, with the latest installment, Endnote has made it possible for other members of a company to access ideas if you allow them. It’s quicker than e-mail and it’s easier.

Google Drive

Google Drive can now be accessed on your phone and is a perfect way to edit and share work. When Evernote can be used for discussion, Google Drive can be used to send documents, add comments, and edit. Google Drive also keeps your documents safe. Just like Evernote, if you lose your device, the documents are not also lost. 


LocalVox themselves refer to the online world as sometimes “too fragmented and complex to manage” – that’s where they come in. They’re all about companies being able to easily market themselves to publishers, social networking sites, e-mail newsletters via the internet. By downloading LocalVox, you have the support to target the right audiences that suit your company. LocalVox are known for having over a thousand successful clients who have used the app and gotten results.


One of the horrible things business owners have to do is the accounts. Accounting, tax returns, payroll, it’s not fun but it has to be done. That’s where inDinero steps in. inDinero takes complete care of your accounts the minute you download the app and sign in. Another bonus is that everything’s in one place. No more routing around in drawers or filing cabinets to find a single document, with inDinero everything is together and not to be lost. 


A big part of making a company expand is taking it to different sectors of the world and with that comes travelling. Manic travelling. Sometimes you might have to travel in a taxi, then a plane, then a train, you name it. It can all become too chaotic and, most disappointingly, un-fun. Having your own business, talking to potential clients or partners should be fun and travelling should not take that away. TripIt stops this from happening. With TripIt all of your methods of travel are compiled into one place. You don’t have to rifle through your pockets or print off things to remember the time you have to be somewhere. You simply log onto your app and everything is there, organised for you. 

There you have it. Five apps that – let’s face it – make things easier for you and your company. We’re in the age of smart phones being everywhere so to have something so simple to access, so concise, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity, right?