5 Apps Professional Translators Should Consider Essential for Their Career

Often, professional translators and linguists seek the help of technology to improve their dialect and advance their careers. Several available applications offer a variety of services to professional translators. Let’s look at five applications that a professional translator should have to enhance their career:

1. Translate Professional

translate voice pro

Translate Professional offers translators a basic and easy to navigate interface making it suitable for first time users. Professional translators can access a free version of the app on IOS with over 50 languages. Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade to a premium package and access add-ons such as speech recognition. Another great feature on the app is that it is available both online and offline; thus you can access it anywhere and anytime. The app can also help you improve your pronunciation as you get to listen to translated phrases in their native dialect.

2. Mylanguage Translator Pro

my language pro

Translators using MyLanguage Translator Pro get the benefits of a large community of native speakers who provide help with pronunciations and translations. Users of the app can get translated phrases via email, instant messaging and text messaging on their apple devices. Another useful feature is the zoom view making it usable in face to face conversations. In addition, being  part of the community, you can also contribute translations and share challenges with other professional translators.

3. Voice Translate Pro

Voice Translate Pro can help translate languages from more than 100 countries, and is available on IOS, Windows and Android devices. Its advantages include a simple and easy to use interface, translations options in text or audio and low data usage. You also get the native dialect on audio translations for the majority of the languages. Also, continuous upgrades on the app ensure that it meets your changing needs.

4. iTranslate App

iTranslate app offers professional translators an option to save phrases for future reference. It has a simple interface and can translate over 90 languages. The app also has a text-to-speech command that lets you control the speaking rate and choose dialects with an option for a male or female voice. The app is freely available to IOS, Windows and Android users.

5. SayHI Translate

SayHI Translate offers amazing opportunities to translators and learners looking to expand their language grasp and dialect. With the app, you speak your phrase and it translates it back to you in any of the over 40 languages available in the app. At approximately $5, you get an app that gives you impeccable accuracy in translation and audio that guides you in pronunciations.

Professional translators serve a wide variety of clients that can be usually challenging. However, they can take advantage of applications available in the market to improve their pronunciation and understanding of different languages. The apps can also help improve their efficiency and marketability. Additionally, these apps can serve students that are looking to learn a foreign language and pursue careers as professional translators, or travelers who have difficulty communicating with nationals in a foreign country.

Have you ever used these applications? If so, what are your experiences? Let us know in the comments section below.