5 Awkward Moments You Can’t Avoid When You're the Newbie at Work

The first week is the toughest, isn’t it? There are just some things you will not be able to avoid at the beginning, no matter how hard you try to….

Beginning a new job is always stressful for lots of reasons. For example, you can’t always be sure of what the workplace culture will be like in your job and what your colleagues will be like. It’s also often difficult to adjust yourself to your new work (they may be doing things differently to what you’re used to, or you might be asked to take on a heavy work load straight away). All these contribute to making you feel awkward in any new workplace you may find yourself in.

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And as much as you may want to avoid awkward moments during your first couple of days at work I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually pretty impossible to do. You just have to try and prepare yourself for as many awkward scenarios as you can and hope that you’ll be lucky enough to cope with them successfully.

1. Not Remembering Who the Boss Is

work colleagues arguing

So they were probably present during your interview, and they were probably the person who decided to give you a shot, but for the life of you, you can’t seem to remember what their name is or even what they look like. And so, inevitably you end up introducing yourself to them asking them what it is that they do round there. Awkward!

2. Dressing to Impress

It’s happened to us all; staying up all night thinking of the perfect first-day outfit. Wanting to impress your colleagues and boss with your professional attire is only to be expected after all, but what happens when you’ve dressed up too much? A professional suit might have sounded like the world’s greatest idea when your mum suggested it but what if all of your colleagues are all dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

3. Using the Phone

phone at work

Oh yes, another awkward moment to go in the awkwardness of the first-week hall of fame. Your phone’s ringing, and it’s dead quiet in the office. Picking it up means that you’ll have to use your voice which might either sound too loud or too quiet or god knows what. Alas, you have to answer that phone eventually.

4. Having to Do Lunch

Luckily in a few weeks all these awkward moments will seem like a big fat joke to you, but before they do, you’ll have to live through the agony of having to decide whether to bring lunch with you, or get takeout. Will bringing lunch from home make you look too stingy? Or will getting take-out make you seem like a snob?

5. Going to the Bathroom


I’m sure that during your first week in the office you’ve made a promise to yourself to check your liquid intake so that you won’t have to make too many bathroom trips. I mean you wouldn’t want anyone to keep track of how many times you’ve gone to the bathroom or for how long you stay in there.

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It’s important to remember that no matter how huge these issues may sound to you, nobody else really cares. Nobody is going to care how often you go to the bathroom or whether you like spending your money on takeout food. Just relax and try to get yourself acquainted with your new environments as much as possible.

Have you gone through any other awkward moments that you think we missed out? Let us know in the comments section below...