5 Beauty Products to Add to Your Metro Arsenal

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1. Super Sheer Sunscreen
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There’s nothing ‘Metro’ about protecting your skin from the signs of premature aging like fine lines and roughness, and harmful UV rays linked to various skin cancers. Shiseido is a beauty brand known for its skincare products, and this sun protection lotion lives up to its reputation. It’s non-greasy, ultra-blendable, and is specially formulated with rose apple leaf extract, a powerful antioxidant that fortifies skin against cell damage. This sunscreen is perspiration-proof, water resistant and is ideal for a beach day, sporting events, and more- and a great option for anyone who’s not a fan of constantly having to reapply.

There's nothing wrong with pampering yourself from time to time, and splurging on skin and hair care products. After all, when you look and feel you're best, you approach the world with a more confident attitude. Confidence is one of the keys to being successful in business and life in general.

Here are five beauty products for men that are hassle-free, high-quality and highly effective. They're great to add to your personal grooming regimen, and they've been hand selected so that you're not taking up another 30 minutes in front of the mirror. These beauty products are Sephora's highest rated products, and many beauty editors’ skincare and hair care favorites for 2014. 

What products do you use? Do you feel they help to boost your confidence in your professional life? Let us know your thoughts below!




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