5 Benefits of Anonymous Employee Surveys

5 Benefits of Anonymous Employee Surveys

When businesses conjure up the idea of surveys, the most common idea in our heads would be: customer feedback. However, anonymous employee surveys are just as valuable as consumer surveys. Business owners and managers can gain insight into the inner workings of the company without having to force staffers by name to reveal their thoughts and suggestions. 

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The one mistake that businesses employ is not making internal surveys anonymous. There are two common errors executives or managers make: they have one-on-one meetings with employees to garner feedback or they establish name-based surveys. This can make workers fear any type of reprisal. 

If a company really wants to generate opinions on the current state of the office and what works and what doesn’t, then companies will have to initiate anonymous employee surveys. They will prove invaluable almost immediately. 

Here are a few tips to launch an internal office survey: 

  • Mull over using a third-party to administer the surveys. 
  • Promise the workforce there will be no retribution for negative comments. 
  • If staff is paid hourly, pay them for their time performing the survey. 
  • Ensure the surveys are detailed and take at least 20 to 30 minutes to complete. 

With that being said, here are five benefits of anonymous employee surveys:

1. Meaningful Feedback of the Company

You’re the owner of a small business or you’re the manager of an entire department so it’s unlikely that you know exactly what everyone is thinking, behaving or doing. By conducting an anonymous survey among staff you get a detailed glimpse of what everyone thinks of the business, their superiors and colleagues and how they’re treated by the firm. These results are actionable and valuable. 

2. Communication is Enhanced

Sometimes executives, supervisors and managers can be too busy to communicate with their subordinates (which sometimes isn’t a valid excuse). This is why an internal survey is crucial in order to establish communication and to enhance the conversation between employer and employee. As any MBA or entrepreneur can attest: communication is imperative to a successful organization. 

3. Employees Feel Valued

When employees are asked for their feedback, they feel valued. In many corporate settings today, professionals believe they’re expendable and management is indifferent to them. But with an employee survey, particularly an anonymous one, employees can start to think that their views, on the current business operations and management are important to them. This will help reduce turnover, especially if something is done with the results. 

4. Solving Common Office Issues

In many instances, an employee may feel intimidated or undermined if they go to human resources or their boss and inform them that a colleague or superior has sexually harassed them (or any other type of negative behavior, like racism or sexism). It’s likely that the culprits of these actions have done it before so if an employee survey reveals at least three women being victims of this behavior, then the company will know and solve it immediately. 

5. Incorporate New Ideas

A staffer can sometimes feel suffocated in a conventional office setting. They believe their ideas are not being heard or that others are taking credit for their ideas. An employee survey can often lead to new, invigorating and fresh concepts that can help boost revenues and profits for the business. This may perhaps be one of the biggest benefits of an anonymous employee survey.

We have to be honest about today’s workplace: employees can feel shackled, management can feel indifferent and executives and owners can feel they’re too busy to look after trivialities. However, if a business wishes to succeed then it will have to start taking a closer look at the internal affairs of its office. Is Jane content with her job? Is Bob treating his team right? Is Olivia handing in projects on time, if not why? Is Paul dissatisfied with his job?  

These are all important considerations to take into account when painting a portrait of the business. 

Do you agree with these points, or do you believe that anonymous employee surveys are a waste of time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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