5 Benefits of Being a Fly on The Wall in The Office

The phrase “a fly on the wall” means an unnoticed observer. In other words, you are basically invisible, in a figurative sense. I know there are a ton of people who would kill to be invisible, as office gossip might be getting a bit overwhelming or colleagues’ tendency to make observations about everything you eat, wear etc. starts getting on your nerves. Being a fly on the wall at work can offer many opportunities. Here are five benefits of being a fly on the wall in the office. 

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1. Get The 411 First

Being unnoticed by everyone includes being unseen by upper level executives. You may be right behind them in the elevator, but they will continue to talk about a customer service issue they have. Or they will continue to discuss the backlash of a piece of content on social media. Offering a valid solution to the problem could open doors for you, in terms of your career. 

Or consider this: your supervisor is standing right next to your desk, with a peer, and they are talking about firing someone. Secretly, you are happy about this news because you’ve dreamed of filling the position that is soon to be open. Knowing this information first, gives you the chance to put your application in first. Being the first to know, gives you the upper hand. 

2. Learn Who to Trust

Being the invisible one means no one will notice you, or even care, if you are around when they decide to talk trash about a fellow colleague. The colleague they are shaming may also be your friend and they are plotting a way to get him, or her, fired. You have officially found the office b*tch. You need to steer clear of the office snake and their accomplices. They cannot be trusted.

3. Be Trusted

As a fly on the wall, you may be perceived as the “quiet one” or the one with no friends. Little do they know, you are the life of the party outside work. They will see you as someone that can keep a secret because, supposedly, you have no friends. They will divulge their secrets to you and all of their ideas. Who are you going to tell anyway? 

4. Gain a Different Perspective

Because you stay out of the drama and stick to doing your job, you have an unbiased view on everything that goes on in the office. Your perspective on work related issues enables you to make the best decisions. The positive impact of your decisions on the company will not go unnoticed. You may even get a raise out of it. 

5. Element of Surprise

When you do decide to speak up and break away from your “fly on the wall” persona, you will catch everyone off guard by your genius ideas. Those genius ideas will be remembered and will mostly likely be used. They will always remember to never underestimate the quiet one.

Are you a fly on the wall at work? If not, do you know who is? Probably not. Take a minute to think about the things your fly on the wall has heard. Have you said too much at work?