5 Benefits of Having a Best Friend at The Office

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Do you remember, in elementary school, when you and a classmate had the same favorite color and that automatically made you best friends? No? What about in high school when letting someone copy your notes meant you were best friends? Maybe? You definitely remember the college years, when your best friend bought you shots for your birthday and that’s how you knew it was real. Okay, maybe you won’t remember that one but someone does. 

Best friends are essential throughout life. You can have one, three, or twelve. You can have best friends in different parts of the world or you can have just the one that lives next door. I’m sure you are not friends with them because they help you through life, but it is definitely a benefit that you would never want to give up. Having a best friend at your job is no different. Here are five benefits of having a best friend at the office. 

1. Support

Whether it’s emotional or physical support, your best friend has your back. If you were just scolded by your supervisor, your BFF will comfort you and tell you that your boss is an idiot. If you need someone there to help push your idea to the group, your best friend is there to be your hype man. If you need help moving your desk around, your work bestie is there to lift. You name it, they’re right there for you. 

2. Lunch Buddy

Because you have a best friend at work, you never have to worry about being alone for lunch. You two can run off to your favorite restaurant or complain about how bad your day is going in the break room. Lunch time will be the highlight of your day. 

3. Brainstorm Ideas

Two heads are better than one. You and your work best friend know how to bounce ideas off of each other. As you two brainstorm, the ideas get better and better. The bond between the two of you, makes you the perfect team. Collaboration can be a key component to generating innovative ideas. 

4. Happy Hour Buddy

When the work week is over and Friday afternoon comes, you can grab your best friend and go to happy hour. No need to wait for your other friends to get off work because you have the best, right in the cubicle next to you. When 5 o’clock hits, it’s time to get your weekend started. 

5. Motivation to Actually Go to Work

Sometimes it is a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Some days, you have a feeling that work is just not going to be that great. But knowing that your best friend will be there, will motivate you to get out of bed. You need a good laugh and they are there to make it happen. Or you might have to tell them about your date last night, so you hurry, to get to work early. 

Do you have a work best friend? Could you imagine what life would be like without them around? Tell us how they have impacted your work life in the comments below.