5 Benefits of Walking with Coworkers During Your Lunch Break

Walking is an easy way to bring a healthy activity into your daily routine. When you decide to implement a walking routine with your coworkers into your work day, there are a variety of benefits that you’ll receive. Take a look at the following five benefits of taking walks with your coworkers during your lunch break.

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1. Accountability

One important benefit of taking walks with your coworkers is that you have accountability partners who are working with you to stay focused on the goal. Sometimes you may not want to take a walk or feel you’re too busy to go outside during your break. However, when you are partnering with your coworkers who have similar health goals, you can keep each other accountable to get outside and continue walking every day.

2. Relationships

Another benefit to walking with your coworkers is that you have an extra opportunity to further develop your relationships outside of the office. True, you’re still on work time. However, when you’re on lyour unch break, you have the time to relax and be freer with conversations and getting to know one another. Cultivating relationships with your coworkers will enable you to grow and develop as a professional because you can learn from spending time with others and expanding your perspective.

3. Interest

When you take walks with your coworkers, rather than walking by yourself, you will benefit by having a more interesting time outdoors. Of course, sometimes you may want to walk by yourself. However, when you take the time to walk with others, your lunch break will pass by in a more interesting way. You can have conversations that challenge you. The lunch hour will be more fun as you get a chance to interact with others while taking steps to improve your health.

4. Health

Taking walks with your coworkers benefits you by giving you an opportunity to participate in a healthy activity. You will benefit by feeling more enthusiastic and energized. You’ll also benefit by lessening your tension and feeling more relaxed when you return from your lunch break. According to research completed from a group of employees who participated in a ten week walking program, individuals who walked together felt more improved moods than those who did not walk during the day.

5. Productivity

In addition, walking with your coworkers will help you to increase your productivity and work more efficiently to your optimal potential. According to Dr. Thogersen-Ntoumani who conducted the ten week walking study, “there is now quite strong research evidence that feeling more positive and enthusiastic at work is very important to productivity.” So, walking with your coworkers during your lunch break can help you to be more productive in your daily work routine because you increase your mood and energy level.

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Of course, it is much easier to take walks with your coworkers during spring or summer- if it’s not that hot outside, as during fall and winter the cold and wet weather may actually ruin your day at the office instead.

Have you incorporated daily walks with your coworkers during your lunch break?