5 Best Jobs for Early Birds

Do you wake up at the crack of dawn? Fully rested, and ready to take on the day? Do you hate waiting until 9 am to start your work day? Are you sick of being surrounded by yawning, sleepy coworkers who think you’re crazy for enjoying mornings?

Luckily for you, there are lots of jobs that align with your preferred schedule. Polish up your resume and apply for one of these five jobs that will let you get to work at sunrise (or earlier!).

Golf course groundskeeper

Golfers are the ultimate early birds, and as a groundskeeper, you need to have the course looking its best before the golfers arrive. Your job will include mowing, fertilizing and watering the grass to make it look as perfect as possible. Expect to start work at around 5 am, and be finished by the time the night owls are finally waking up. For your efforts, you will earn about $21,300.

Mail carrier

If you choose a career as a mail carrier, you will start work early in the morning. Expect to start work at around 6 am, so that you have time to sort the mail before you head out on your route. You might have to complete your route on foot, through all kinds of weather conditions, or you may be lucky and drive a mail truck. The median salary for a mail carrier is $44,400.

Radio host

If you always feel well rested and energetic in the morning, with no coffee required, consider becoming a radio host. You could host the morning show, and start work as early as 5 am. Your cheerful voice will help to wake up thousands of sleepy people, and keep them entertained during their commute to work. The median salary for this job is $24,300, but you can earn up to $68,600 if you stick with it.

Garbage collector

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, a job as a garbage collector might be for you. Your shift will start at about 6 am so that the trash can be collected before the start of rush hour traffic. By the time office workers are breaking for lunch, you’ll already be done for the day. The smell might not come out of your clothes, but you’ll be making about $35,230 a year.

Construction worker

Many construction projects are done during daylight hours, and to get the work done on time, you’ll be starting as soon as the sun comes up. To take on this job, you should be physically fit, and willing to work outdoors in all kinds of weather. The average construction worker makes about $26,300 a year, but you can make nearly twice that as you advance in your career.

You don’t need to wait until 9 am to start work. Any of these five jobs will let you start work bright and early; you just need to choose one that suits your skills and abilities, as well as your sleep schedule.