5 Best Jobs for Neat Freaks

5 Best Jobs for Neat Freaks

As much as being a neat freak can be plainly annoying and disturbing, there is a silver lining to it. It can be a blessing in disguise if embraced well. Since nobody likes to be associated with mess or dirt, it’s high time employers vet potential employees based on their cleanliness. After all, being tidy and organized is a plus in any given organization as it promotes productivity amongst workers and attracts more clients.

Therefore, if you are a compulsive neat freak or suffer from minor or major obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), worry not; there are perfect career paths for you. Let’s sample a few of those here:

1. Personal Assistant


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Personal assistants can exercise their organizational skills quite well because they are in charge of a range of tasks for their rather busy and occupied bosses. Their responsibilities include detailed planning of meetings and events, making calls, creating travel itineraries and booking appointments just to mention a few. This requires a higher level of organization- which can only be achieved efficiently by perfectionists. They enjoy doing what they do on a daily basis even if it means running around the city like a mad person to ensure they meet the needs of their bosses.

The best part about being a PA is that it can be an avenue for other career opportunities as it allows for interaction with people from all works of life.

2. House Keeper


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Housekeeping is such a sensitive career path that requires extreme cleanliness and organization. This applies to both residential homes and restaurants. The responsibilities of housekeepers include cleaning, doing laundry, training teams, offering solutions to problems and catering for the whole building they are assigned to. Those with a natural ability and passion to clean and organize find an easy time with this career and end up enjoying every bit of it. They will make sure that their bosses are happy and comfortable in a clean and fresh environment.

3. Architect

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Apart from their natural ability and passion to clean up and organize, neat freaks are good with precision and clarity. This is the exact reason why they can make good architects who design buildings, offices, roads, houses, you name it. There is little or no room for mistakes for architects as their role involves sticking to requirements and standards.

The second reason why perfectionists make great architects is because they are creative in nature as well- a virtue required for architects. All buildings and roads are different in their structure which means that those who design them must always be creative. They have to always come up with ways of making their designs up-to-date and interesting. Aside from that, they have to finish projects on time so it’s a combination of a lot of skills and it’s, therefore, safe to say that neat freaks can become effortless architects.

4. Librarian


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Librarians perform organization of books, newspapers and magazines. It may sound like an easy task, but those who work in especially large libraries have a huge task as it can be extremely engaging. The responsibility can be overwhelming if not handled well and this is why neat freaks thrive in this career path. They work with passion and less effort to ensure a neat and organized book store where people find it easy to look for books and perform researches. What’s more interesting is that librarians enjoy the privilege of knowing where to locate specific books that contain specific information, therefore, can do a research quite easily and swiftly.

5. Restaurant Manager


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It is no surprise that being a restaurant manager requires a high level of organization. With so much on their plate (pardon the pun) such as talking to customers of all kinds as well as dealing with all staff, there is no escaping detail and amazing organization. A restaurant manager is in charge of all the team members and the general running of the restaurant. Since customers are very particular with hygiene and service of hotels they visit, managers of these restaurants must ensure perfection and excellence through their God-given ability to do this.

Being a neat freak is actually rewarding; both financially (the salary ranges for the jobs above are quite attractive) and emotionally. Hence, go on and turn something which could otherwise be negative into a positive.


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