5 Best Password Manager Apps for your Android


Security, whether that is on your work pc, home laptop or mobile device, is vital. With the number of worldwide cyber-attacks and viruses that can hack into your personal data by simply opening the wrong email, ensuring you are properly protected is essential. What’s more, business professionals are frequently using their Android phones to conduct business, making their Android password management essential.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ranked password manager apps for Android.


This app is free to download and is considered one of the most advanced and effective free password management apps available to Android. Its features include 1-Tap login, SSl data protection, PIN code locks, optimised password generation and automatic login saving. The free version allows you to store up to 25 passwords although for $12 per year, you can store more passwords. You should note that the free version does in fact give you access to all the primary functionality of the app.

Dashlane Password

This app provides a great level of security and protection for your Android phone. According to David Pogue, The New York Times – “Dashlane is life-changingly great”. Dashlane helps you to monitor and keep track of your personal and sensitive data, and allows you to track your passwords. This is a free app and is considered to be one of the very best ‘secure digital wallet’ for Androids. Some of the features include AES-25 encryption, breach of security alerts and strong generation.


The Guardian ranked 1Password as “one of the best android apps of 2014.” This is largely down to the fact that 1Password enables you to sync all your password items across your iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac too! Additionally, it is free to use for the first 30 days. Its main features include its ability to generate strong and unique passwords, single tap login, Master Password options, auto-lock data protection and tamper-proof authenticated encryption.


Keep is another highly ranked password manager app and provides ‘free on-device storage’. While the app is free to use for the first 30 days after download, it is $9.99 thereafter and you will be permitted additional storage too.  Some of the app’s main features include providing the highest levels of data protection and security with 256 bit AES encryption, ability to share data stored on Keeper with other permitted users, and storage of sensitive personal information in your Keeper vault.


LastPass password manager app for Android is an award winning app and can be used free for the first 14 days once downloaded. If you wish to upgrade to the premium version and additional functionality, it will cost you a mere $12 per year. There are many features of LastPass that make it a favourite amongst those who seek high levels of security protection for their Android, some of which include: creation of online shopping profiles, autofill for online accounts, storage of sensitive data in ‘Secure Notes’,  and the ability to access all stored data and passwords from both mobile and computer devices.

These are the most up to date, highly ranked and favoured password manager apps available for Android today. If sharing your sensitive data across multiple devices is important to you, then these apps can help. Be sure to check out each app in the Google Play Store and determine which of the 5 apps suit your needs most.

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